Top 10 Blogs about Customer Support to Read on a Daily Basis

Working in customer service means you’re a tough cookie. People are irrational, emotional and unpredictable. Anticipating and satisfying their needs is a great mastery.

So, to deliver outstanding service, be it support, consultation or sale, you must keep up with the latest news, studies, best practices and continuously improve your skills. The best way to do so is by reading blogs. But there are thousands of blogs on the Internet? Which ones should you follow? We made a selection of top 10 customer support blogs so that you could get your daily dose of knowledge. Enjoy!

1. Help Scout

Help Scout delivers in-depth articles that a) can’t leave anyone indifferent; b) will make you WOW; c) are packed with actionable tips. The blog covers a wide range of topics: from customer experience to marketing, writing and recruiting.

All of this is wrapped into a beautifully designed interface with one-of-a-kind illustrations that will make your stay unforgettable.

Editor’s picks:
12 Phrases to Improve Every Support Interaction
16 Customer Service Skills that Every Employee Needs
22 Customer Retention Strategies that Work

2. Hubspot’s Service Blog

Though Hubspot is best known for outstanding marketing and sales tips, the company also covers customer service. The blog talks about various aspects of customer service: support, experience, metrics, tools, etc. Just like with everything, Hubspot takes a thorough approach to writing which results in exhaustive articles, packed with ready-to-use tips.

Editor’s picks:
The 20 Best Customer Service Books You Need to Read
How These Freemium SaaS Companies Are Redefining Customer Success
12 Customer Success Interview Questions to Ask Your Next Candidate

3. TalesFromTheCustomer

If you’ve never dug into the Reddit hole before then, it’s just about time. Reddit generates 1.69B visits every month. It’s a place which unites gamers, geeks, business professionals, etc., from all around the world.

This subreddit features stories of people’s customer service experiences. Good and bad. If you find a topic that’s close to what your company does, then you get a unique opportunity to hear first-hand opinions and prevent mistakes in the way you serve customers.

Editor’s picks:
A baffling telephone sales call
For the love of low prices, do not touch people without warning

4. Hyken

Learn how to make your customers happy from one of the most prominent and influential customer service gurus. Shep Hyken he is a prodigious writer who always has something insightful to say. In his blog, he shares the best strategies, opinions, tips, and tricks earned after years of working with companies like American Express, Morgan Stanley, Monsanto, Kraft Foods and hundreds of other household names.

Editor’s picks:
Do Loyalty Programs Really Create Loyalty
“That’s not My Department” and 10 Other Phrases Customers Hate
Treat Your Current Customers Better than Your New Customers

5. Zendesk

Zendesk created an exceptional tool that enables support teams to build the best CX. And they happily share their knowledge and expertise on the matter. The minimalist design of the blog will keep you focused on such topics as customer relationships, agent experience, team management, customer service leadership, etc. You will also find many great articles and manuals on how to use Zendesk products to unlock the full potential of your customer service.

Editors’ picks:
5 must-haves in B2C customer support
The consequences of bad customer service
How to get customer feedback: 3 methods

6. Inside Intercom

If you love it when people share their experience in a neutral, direct and helpful language, then Inside Intercom has a lot to offer. The blog is run by the Intercom team were they share thoughts, tips, and lessons on marketing, product management, customer support, design, and startups.

Editor’s picks:
Creating a culture of trust in customer support
Content strategy: How words build a product
Have You Tried Talking To Your Customers?

7. Drive Revenue with CX

Run by Forrester, this blog brings you out-of-the-box articles, predictions, and insights. In case you have never heard of Forrester, it is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. Every analyst that contributes to the blog has a specialization which makes it so diverse and unique. This is the place where you can learn how technology changes and will change customer behavior, ways brands set standards for customer service, etc.

Editor’s picks:
The Recent NPS Debate – What You Should Really Know
Predictions 2018: The Crisis Of Trust And How Smart Brands Will Shape CX In Response
Three Emotional Territories That Winning Brands Get Right

8. Atlassian Blog

Products made by Atlassian help dev teams and IT companies around the globe plan their work, release remarkable solutions and grow their business. All in a seamlessly integrated workspace. Another way Atlassian is striving to help is through their blog where they talk about team culture, innovation, coding and other IT and ITSM related topics.

Editor’s picks:
7 excellent maintenance page examples from real websites
6 interview questions remote workers should be able to nail
12 essential skills you need in a help desk job

9. Dennis Snow Blog

Dennis Snow is a motivational speaker and a veteran of Disney. He dives deep into customer service problems by telling stories of his good and bad experiences as a customer; and, of course, shares his knowledge and expertise gained after years of working for/with Disney, ExxonMobil, AT&T, and Coca-Cola and other world-class companies.

Editor’s picks:
Potential Customers Are Important - Current Customers Are Important, Too!
Lessons I Learned From Walt Disney
Timeless Advice For Any Organization

10. SAS Blog

Learn how to handle incoming and outcoming calls from a company with over 30 years experience in the call center industry. Specialty Answering Service has been around helping businesses since 1985. Though, the company started a blog way later, today SAS shares their expertise on how to deliver excellent customer service over the phone.

Editor’s picks:
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