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Top Benefits of Cloud Migration in 2019

Today, many organizations, both for- and non-profit move all their data to the cloud as it not only accelerates their operations but provides a number of benefits. Whether its streamlining data collection or handling consumer requests, there are ton benefits of cloud migration. Cloud migration is one process you absolutely must perform to stay competitive and effective. Don’t believe us? Then here are five benefits of cloud migration!

Better Security

One of the most common reasons why people perform cloud migration is security. In 2018 alone there were more than 4.4 billion breaches. Having a reliable space where you can be 100% positive that no unauthorized access is possible is a must. Cloud solutions are far more robust than local security mechanisms. They offer an even greater level of protection due to the fact that more layers of defense can be implemented. Not to mention data randomization and encryption.

"It's a must to have a reliable space where you can be 100% sure that there will be no unauthorized access"

Besides, using a cloud environment will allow you to establish better ground rules. After all, the cloud can only get you so far in terms of security. Having a well-written security policy that takes into account cloud-specific elements will allow you to set up an impenetrable fortress. Your customers trust you and protecting their data is your number one priority.

Swift Deployments & Better Performance

Another important benefit of cloud migration brings to the table is the ability to deploy changes and improvements much faster. You are no longer limited by your hardware and you don’t need to worry that other divisions have to wait for their turn to upgrade. Using a cloud space, you can implement changes across the board significantly faster and with greater accuracy.

You also don’t have to set up extra servers, install additional operating systems, and hire someone to handle the hardware. With the cloud, you can introduce new services and products all while not worrying that something might go wrong or that your hardware won’t be able to handle the influx of customers. This will ensure that your sales have the ability to reach their maximum potential as you can be 100% sure that nothing will go out of order or downright shut down due to a lack of processing power.

Enhanced Collaboration

Security and enhanced performance aren’t the only benefits cloud migration delivers. One of the most prominent aspects of the cloud is that it allows for better collaboration across your entire company. It doesn’t matter if your sales team is on the other side of the planet, you can easily communicate and monitor their performance through the cloud. With the cloud, your agents are no longer tied to a specific place and can work where they deem they’ll work best.

While there are benefits of having an on-site agent, it doesn’t mean that the cloud doesn’t allow for similar possibilities. With direct remote access to most modules, you will be able to take control of most if not all operations. Having this kind of flexibility at your workplace will surely allow your agents to solve tasks faster.

Why is cloud migration worth doing?

Accurate On-Demand Data

Whether it’s a help desk cloud solution or a service desk or even cloud storage, chances are, you can hook up some analytics system to it. Indeed, many companies perform cloud migration to gain access to a more accurate analytics system. In today's world, information is everything and having reliable numbers at hand can open up a lot of doors. Take for instance help desk software, almost all of them have omnichannel support, meaning you can gather data on a large scale, automatically. No need to crunch numbers yourself. One initial configuration will serve you years.

And it’s not just about your sales and customers either, with cloud technology on your side, you can easily track what machines or apps have troubles, as well as you can identify what enhancements you can provide to your team to get a better outcome. Cloud makes all these operations effortless.

Advanced Customer Service

And last but certainly not least on our list of cloud migration benefits is the fact that with cloud technology, you can deliver better customer service. Indeed, today, all your customers are online and they are already using cloud technology. If your business does not provide cloud options to popular services, you are not only delivering a poor service but prohibit your business from growing.

Your customers are looking to solve issues on their own first. And this isn’t a random observation. A study published by Statista indicates that 79 percent of respondents from the United States stated that they have used a self-service support portal for customer service. Not having such an option can lead to a poor satisfaction rate as many customers don’t really like to call customer support.

Bottom Line

And this concludes our cloud migration benefits list. There are many more reasons we could have listed but this isn’t the point. The point is, cloud migration delivers so much in demand for so little. We highly encourage every one of you to embrace cloud tech as it is not only convenient, it is the future. And in case you need help moving to the cloud, you know the drill. Leave us a message and our support team will get to you in no time. But for now, thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next time!

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