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Time-Saving Approach to Freshdesk Migration

No matter how thoroughly you were choosing your troubleshooting software, as your customer database grows you may face a task of migrating to another helpdesk.

FreshDesk migration appears to be easier due to built-in export option. It allows to export Tickets into a CSV file and then import it into the new helpdesk. Yet, this method has its downsides. As all free manual solutions, it requires time to get acquainted with the documentation of both Freshdesk and the new software. You definitely need to have some prior experience performing similar operations.

If exporting Tickets is not enough and you want to export other entities, then finding an appropriate script may be an option. But again it takes time and no one will guarantee your data safety.

As an alternative to a manual data transfer, third-party services offer quick, automated, and risk-free migration.

How Does FreshDesk Migration Service Work

Online migration services presume that those who use it don’t have experience in data migration or any programming skills. That means that being the owner of a company you can complete the migration yourself or delegate it to one of your employees: head of support or sales department.
The data transfer usually involves several steps:

  1. Filling in access details for the FreshDesk and new software.
  2. Choosing entities to be migrated.
  3. Performing preview migration.
  4. Running full migration.

Let’s take a closer look at each step.

Filling in the forms is now faster that creating an e-mail account. Generally, there are nearly four fields to be filled in: name, email, your phone number and a password.

On the second step, you see two lists with entities: for your current and target helpdesk. Here you choose what has to be migrated and can map fields if necessary.

Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke so previewing the results of the data transfer is a great advantage of a service. You can check the transferred data in a target software to make sure that everything worked out as expected.

What to Consider Choosing a Migration Service

Letting a third-party company to migrate your customers’ data, you actually entrust one of the most vulnerable information. So, choosing the one, what should you pay attention to?

Firstly, try to contact their support team. Do they answer within a time period stated on the website? Are their answers really full and helpful? Secondly, choose those companies who offer free test migration. Thus you’ll be sure that migration results meet your expectations. Thirdly, take a look at the testimonials. Don’t write the company off if among the approving comments you come across the negative feedback. That only means that the company is being honest with its users.

Now, let’s sum up the decisions and steps to be made for successful FreshDesk migration. If you have enough time and experience, you can do it on your own. If you want a quick and hassle-free solution, it’s better to choose an online migration service and delegate all the tech stuff.

Picking up the migration service, be sure to test their support team, look through the testimonials and perform free test migration.

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