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Three Questions to Answer Before You Start Freshdesk to Zendesk Migration

Having decided to switch from Freshdesk to Zendesk software, you will inevitably face the choice whether to move the contents from your legacy system or to start from scratch. And there might be three reasons why you should, after all, perform Freshdesk to Zendesk migration.

Why Migrate

The first reason is to keep all the tickets within one system and to be able to refer to the closed tickets when necessary. Surely, old tickets can be archived and retrieved if needed but that takes quite a time and slows the workflow down.

Companies serious about their customer support use a number of reports. Being able to rely on all the historical data is another reason to perform data migration.

And finally, by the law of some countries, it is required to store users’ information during the stated period of time. In that case, there is no way to avoid the migration.

What Data Should be Moved to Zendesk

Transferring tickets with users is the most basic migration. Other entities migrated most often are Knowledge Base and Help Center. The full list of entities that can be migrated is stated in the Zendesk API documentation.

Another question to consider is whether custom fields can be moved and how to migrate them correctly. Be sure to check this issue when you choose your migration partner. In short, custom fields migration involves three steps. First of all, revise the data and check if all the info in the custom fields is relevant and important. After you’ve chosen the fields to be moved add corresponding fields in Zendesk. And finally, do the mapping and check the results in your Zendesk account.

How to Perform Data Migration

Finding a qualified team or person to perform the migration is a core task of the procedure. And here there are two possible options to choose from. The first option is to find an executor within your IT department. This method requires practical coding experience and time to read up the documentation, perform the transfer and make the final tweaking. That’s why many companies choose to outsource the task and use specialized migration services.

Helpdesk Migration Service is a tool that offers automated Freshdesk to Zendesk migration. That means that you don’t need to do any coding or upload any files but only follow a simple step-by-step guide.

The guide leads you through the following steps:

  1. Giving access to the source and target help systems.
  2. Selecting the entities to be transferred and mapping the fields.
  3. Performing test migration and revising the results.
  4. Making the full migration.

To get the price of the full migration you have to fill in a simple form on the https://help-desk-migration.com specifying your contact info and the list of entities to be migrated. If you have any questions about the data migration hit up the service team here.

So let’s draw a bottom line here. To make Freshdesk to Zendesk migration successful you first need to figure out the why’s, then define the entities to be migrated and finally choose a migration method. Changing the help desk system is not a routine operation, but with proper planning and reliable executor, it becomes just another task on the way to the perfect customer service.

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