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The Whats and Hows of Intercom to Zendesk Migration

Help desk migration is considered an important project for a reason. Indeed, this process requires serious preparations: refining the data, finding a migration tool, preparing the target platform, defining the right time, etc. Here are the basic yet helpful tips concerning the key stages of Intercom to Zendesk migration.

How to prepare the data for migration?

First of all, start with checking data accuracy, relevance, and quality. That means you should perform data audit and get rid of duplicates and other irrelevant records. There is no point in moving the database that’s a mess from one help desk to another.

Note: If you want to get your data filtered based on some specific requirements (i.e. migrate only the records from the last three years, omit some type(s) of records, etc.), our team here at Help Desk Migration will help to figure out whether your requirements can be put into action.

What data can be migrated from Intercom to Zendesk?

Using Intercom API, the Help Desk Migration service will move the following data entities to Zendesk: tickets, contacts, organizations, agents, groups, attachments, public and private notes, comments, and record creation date (created_at). However, the service won’t migrate inline images, knowledge base articles and attachments.

What if the number of agents at Intercom and Zendesk is different?

Let’s say you plan to have fewer agents on Zendesk. You will need to manually reassign tickets to the future Zendesk agents.

Good news is, you can have agents reassigned automatedly during the migration. For this, contact our team and tell about the required customization.

Note: Zendesk has Light Agents. These agents have limited permissions but stay informed about the tickets and can add private comments. Correspondingly, there is a limitation of data import for such Agents, plus, you can not assign tickets to them. Therefore, before setting up your Intercom to Zendesk migration, double check that all your agents have a full agent licence.

How to make sure that everything is ready for the migration?

Create an account at Help Desk Migration and run a free demo to see how your Intercom data will look like on Zendesk. Then just choose the time and start the full migration. Bear in mind that you need a registered account in Zendesk to run the migration.

Note: Refrain from making changes or deleting data on your source help desk software - Zendesk during the migration, since it may impact the process and cause a shutdown.

What to do after Intercom to Zendesk migration?

Once the migration is finished, check whether everything that was meant to be moved from Intercom has actually been moved to Zendesk. Let’s say you cannot see all your tickets. There are two possible variants:

  • the missing tickets can be archived, since Zendesk has a scenario that automatically archives tickets that have been marked “closed” 120 days ago;
  • you might need to create a view for displaying all the tickets.

There is no a secret ingredient helping make your help desk migration flawless. It is the right tools and proper preparation that do the trick. So, once you are about to say goodbye to Intercom, set up a free demo migration to see how your data will work on Zendesk before starting off.

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