The Ultimate List of Top Customer Service Events 2019

What can be better for improving your customer experience expertise than listening to expert speakers in the field? As a result, there's no surprise that conferences remain one of the most popular ways of learning and getting insight on any possible topic.

And for most people engaged in customer relationships, it is important to visit events in their field in order to keep up with the constantly changing customer service demands.

We want to help you make a decision about the conference to visit this year. So, we’ve collected 10 must-visit events in North America and Europe for you to freshen up your knowledge and develop as a customer success specialist.

Must-visit customer service events in North America

1. Connections

The annual conference from the Salesforce team that will teach how to create better customer experiences with the help of the Salesforce Platform. To begin with, you will learn from professionals of the industry that will share their image of how today’s change-makers can shape the future of customer service. In addition, you will get valuable insights and hands-on practices from the experts in not only service but marketing and commerce fields. Afterward, you will be sure to make your business stay at the top of the game among your competitors.

Date: June 17-19, 2019.

Location: Chicago, IL.

Full Conference Pass - $1,499.
P. S. Contact Salesforce directly to get the passes for Partners, Press, Sponsors or a Free Expo+ pass.

2. Customer Contact Week

This one is an exclusive 4-day event that is focused on innovations that executives share with each other. The conference is the largest customer experience event in the US having 2,000+ attendees, 200 sponsors, 250+ speakers, and offering more than 12 hours of networking. Learn from key industry players, case studies, open forums, together with one-on-one training and unlimited opportunities for networking.

Date: June 24-28, 2019.

Location: Las Vegas, NV.

2-day pass - $2999.
2-day pass for early birds (by 5/31/2019) - $2299.
3-day pass - $3999.
3-day pass for early birds (by 5/31/2019) - $3299.
4-day pass - $4999.
4-day pass for early birds (by 5/31/2019) - $3799.

Notable Speakers:
Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Chairman & CEO at Magic Johnson Enterprises.
Nancy Brinker, Founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
Sasha Chatani Lucas, VP-Omni Experience at Verizon Fios.
Lance Gruner, EVP, Global Customer Care at Mastercard.

3. Customer Service Revolution

This customer service conference was started far away in 2009 and was at first known as Secret Service Summit. Nowadays, it is considered a number one customer service event in America as it draws the executives from top organizations worldwide. The conference lasts two days, including speeches from world-class experts, authors, brand executives, and also ground-breaking insights. During the event, you will get a huge portion of motivation and new ideas after educating from customer experience sphere top influencers.

Date: September 11-12, 2019

Location: Cleveland, OH

Pricing: $1,150 (retail ticket price - $2,000)

Notable Speakers:
Global Motivating Speakers and Best-Selling Authors - Christine Cashen, Mark Scharenbroich, Patricia Fripp, Robert Stevenson.

4. The 9th Annual Customer Service Summit

This summit revolves around implying renovations in customer service and get rid of tiring old-fashioned approaches. You will hear the experts discussing every step of a successful plan for getting customer success and loyalty. There will also be topics as practice changes in the contact center, social customer care, and customer analytics. But be ready to hear about things that you haven’t experienced before. This 2-day event will make you reimagine the standard vision of valuable customer service.

Date: October 23-24. 2019

Location: New York City, NY

Executive Pass for Brands - $2345
Executive Pass for Vendors: $2845
Standard Pass for Brands - $1945
Standard Pass for Vendors - $2645
Launch Pass for Brands - $1745
Launch Pass for Vendors - $2445

Notable Speakers:
Shirah Cohen Langman, Vice President and Digital Product Manager of Customer Self Service at Citi.
Sara Wampler, Head of Community and Social, gTech Users and Products at Google.
Donald Hicks, Customer Experience Vice President at Twitter.
Chester Twigg, Global Chief Customer Officer at J&J.

5. CX SF

Powered by Forrester, this customer service event is a reliable and high-quality source for gaining as much insight into customer experience as possible. You will learn from CX experts and will become a confident specialist when it comes to innovation, growth, satisfaction, and retention. As a result, you will get an in-depth idea of what is customer journey stages and what can you do about them to keep your business growing.

Date: October 17-18, 2019.

Location: San Francisco, CA.

Forrester clients: $2,350.
Non-clients: $2,550.
Government, education, and nonprofit: $2,250.
P.S. The price will change by July 31.

Notable Speakers:
Andrew Hogan, Senior Analyst at Forrester.
TJ Keitt, Principal Analyst at Forrester.
David Truog, VP, Research Director at Forrester.

6. Inbound

This one is an annual event from a year-round media platform that teaches and motivates businesses to help them grow and improve customer experience. INBOUND is hosted by HubSpot and gathers a community of professionals that all come to provide their vision for the future of marketing, sales, and business in general. People come here to learn and teach, inspire and get inspired, and most importantly, grow together.

Date: September 3-6, 2019.

Location: Boston, MA.

4-day Community Pass - $149.
1-day all-access pass - $599.
4-day all-access pass - $1,299.
4-day power pass - $1,999.

Notable Speakers: Elizabeth Gilbert, Best-Selling Author.
Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, Co-founders of HubSpot.
Jada Pinkett-Smith, Actress and Host at Red Table Talk.

7. Digital Customer Experience Summit

If you are interested in specifically digital CX, then you need to visit this premier annual customer experience event. There, you'll meet speakers who are experts in the fields that will teach you how to:

  • drive a competitive differentiation;
  • raise customer satisfaction;
  • ensure customer loyalty;
  • and push your business growth.

Date: September 26-27, 2019.

Location: Chicago, IL.

Regular Pass - $2,195.
Vendors, Suppliers, and Consultants Pass - $2,795.
Early Birds by June 30 - $500 discount.
Early Birds by July 26 - $300 discount.

Notable Speakers:
Travis Michael, Director of Change Management and Communications at Walmart.
Troy Barnes, Chief Customer Officer at Pizza Hut.
Manuel Christoffel, Chief Customer Officer at Woom Bikes USA.

8. Advocamp

Yes, this is a variation of a conference and a camp mix at the same time. But isn’t it fun? Especially when you know that it’s available everywhere you want! Advocamp is the CX event in the world that teaches to appreciate customer advocacy and provides tools that will help you make your business drive results.

Date: September 24-25, 2019.

Location: Toronto, ON (also available worldwide).

Pricing: Field Day Online Conference - $59.

Notable Speakers:
Mark Organ, Founder & CEO at Influitive.
Jay Baer, New York Times Best-Selling Author.
Jeanne Bliss, Speaker, Author, and CX Coach.

European Must-Visit Customer Service Events

9. CX Exchange for Retail

In constantly growing customer demands and evolving competition, businesses need to provide innovative and contextual customer service. So, at this conference, the experts of companies known worldwide will teach you how to manage every change that technology has brought to modern CX and how to put them on your own advantage.

Date: July 3-4, 2019.

Location: London, UK.

Standard - £1,299.
Early Birds - £999.

Notable Speakers:
Melanie Kleemann, Head of Customer Experience at IKEA.
Oliver Fehl, Senior Director Retail Concepts at Adidas.
David Boyle, Customer Insights Director at Harrods.
Ray Biggs, Head of Contact Centers at John Lewis.

10. The Customer Service and Experience Summit

After visiting this summit you will learn how to ensure that your customer service is customer-centric and how to track your company’s CX. Numerous worldwide known brand executives will share their ideas for the best multi-channel customer support strategies and how to adjust it so your company will keep up with the speed of progress.

Date: September 16-17, 2019

Location: London, UK

Executive Pass for Brands - £1395 + VAT.
Executive Pass for Service Providers - £1895 + VAT.
Standard Pass for Brands - £1295 + VAT.
Standard Pass for Service Providers - £1795 + VAT.
Economy Pass for Brands - £1095 + VAT.
Economy Pass for Service Providers - £1595 + VAT.

Notable Speakers:
Monika Schulze, Global Head Customer & Digital Experience at Zurich.
Sebastian Sondheimer, Vice President Restaurant Operations and Customer Service at Delivery Hero.
Mary McCarthy, EMEA Customer Service Director at Microsoft.

11. Chief Data & Analytics Officers

Another European conference for discovering innovative practical strategies for making use of customer data, especially in terms of analytics. You will learn which data you need indeed and how to analyze it correctly in order to make effective decisions for your business and CX improvement. Take a chance to listen to more than 100 speakers and learn strategies and tactics that will be particularly helpful for using customer data.

Date: September 24-25, 2019.

Location: Berlin, Germany.

Data & Analytics Practitioners - €695.
Solution Providers/ Others - €2599.

Notable Speakers:
Ahmed Youssef, Head of Data Science at Smava.
Uwe Bombosch, Head of Big Data & Advanced Analytics at Vodafone Germany.

How to Lower the Costs?

To be honest, even keeping in mind that these customer service events are very valuable, the prices are still fairly high. And in case you’re wondering how you can manage this payment, we can offer you some advice on methods of saving your money on such conferences.

1. Buy an early bird pass.

As you might notice, we’ve added Early Bird Pass prices for some of the events. It means, that the conference organizers offer a discount for those who are among the first to buy an event ticket. But unfortunately, the number of such passes is limited. So, it’s better to look through the websites of conferences you’ve chosen beforehand and get yourself a ticket even it’s half a year before the event.

2. Come as your company’s representative.

For this one, you’ll have to provide a solid pitch for your boss to buy you an event pass. Present this as an opportunity for your professional development as well as a benefit for the whole company. Then, you will have to ensure them that you will share the valuable experience and lead master-classes for the whole team after the event. Or promise to discuss networking opportunities with brand representatives during the conference. There’s going to be loads of brand reps there to talk to. And that’s it! With such convincing reasons, your boss won’t have another choice but to provide this opportunity for you.

3. Apply to become a speaker.

If you have enough experience in the field, try to apply as a speaker. In case your application will be accepted, the organization will cover a part or your whole traveling and accommodation costs. So, you’ll get great opportunities for leadership practice, promotion, and development for your own company, and also attend the conference, saving your team some money at the same time.

4. Attend an online conference.

This method also requires doing some research. Find out if the conference will be live-streamed or if there are other events from this organization that will take place only virtually. In most cases, online customer service events cost much less and obviously require no costs spent on traveling and accommodation.

When all is said

Of course, this list covers only a small part of a whole load of great customer service events, However, we tried to gather all the best North American and European conferences that will be led by top customer relationship experts, so you will take the max knowledge out of them. The next step is making your own decision. So, come on, go for it!

P.S. There are more sources to learn from! For example, you can look through our lists with 10 best customer service podcasts and 10 best blogs about customer support. Check them out, you'll definitely find something interesting for yourself!

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