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How to Switch from Kayako to Zendesk if You Are Not a Coding Guru

Moving from one help desk to another is not a regular procedure. You must decide whether to migrate data from Kayako to Zendesk or start with a clean slate. Then you need to figure out what entities should be migrated, and what should be archived. And finally, you have to find a reliable migration method.

In this article, we’ll find out what migration options you can choose from and discuss the procedure of an automated migration.

API and Coding

For the users willing to move to Zendesk, the company provides access to the detailed API documentation. The support team is friendly and you can always count on their help.

But getting your old data exported from Kayako and then imported it via Zendesk API does require advanced technical experience. So you must either be an expert yourself, or have an experienced engineer within your IT team, or find a freelance developer.

Automated Migration Tool and No Coding

If you have been testing Zendesk for some period of time and then realized that it would be good for your business, don’t put the migration off just because you don’t know API and how to code. Using Help Desk Migration Service doesn’t require any special technical knowledge from you. The main idea behind this tool is that migration process is a routine operation that can be automated.

Let's take a closer look at how it works.

What can be migrated

One of the issues discussed in forums most often is how to migrate tickets from Kayako to Zendesk. It is always considered to be painstaking to move the tickets. But not when you are using an automated tool. The service migrates tickets along with contacts, knowledge base and chats history easily and quickly. The full list of entities that can be moved is stated here.

What steps does an automated migration include

Switching from Kayako to Zendesk with an automated service involves 4 steps:

  1. Granting access to your current Kayako account and your new Zendesk account.
  2. Choosing entities to be migrated and mapping the fields.
  3. Moving a part of your data for free and checking the results.
  4. Transferring all the data to Zendesk.

As you can see none of the steps requires deep technical knowledge and can be executed by an experienced PC user.

What is the price of the question

The price of migrating to Zendesk depends on how much data is moved. You can find out an exact count of records in Kayako by running a Demo Migration, which will also automatically estimate the price.

However, if you the volume of data you need to move, just use the migration estimator to get an instant quote.

How to make sure it will work for you

The best way to make sure that the switch will be successful is to run a test migration. The Service provides such a testing free of charge. If everything works as expected in a sandbox then you can proceed to the full migration.

How will Kayako account work during the migration

How to avoid the mess and keep up the smooth workflow? The Service ensures that during the migration your current Kayako account will be up and running.


As you can see there is no need to give up migrating from Kayako to Zendesk just because you’re afraid of all the coding stuff. Let the automated service do all technical job for you and enjoy your new help desk benefits.

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