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5 Steps to Realizing You Need to Migrate Your Help Desk

Help desk software has always been a valuable tool for any business aiming to maintain a high customer satisfaction rate. However, as the customer base and the company itself grow, some options can’t scale with the raising needs. In this case, the time for choosing a new help desk and migrating your historical data is close. Although, some businesses go on with the old platforms. Thus reducing the effectiveness of service and the level of CX altogether.

There’s something you should do to avoid the complete failure in your customer service. But what if you don’t even realize you are in an exact situation?

Let’s take a look at the 5 stages of adopting the inevitable in terms of the data migration process. Hopefully, you will get the idea.


As you might guess, the first stage of migration is called denial. During this stage, at times you notice that the effectiveness of your customer service falls down. Dissatisfied customers appear more often. However, you don’t even think that this can be a pure lack of system functionality. Or vice versa, your help desk is too complicated which makes support reps waste too much time figuring it out. Probably, your customer base has also grown too much and the number of data should be filtered and move to a new fresh and spacious place.

But no, you buck up your support team and the rest of the staff, maybe even try hiring new employees to be able to handle the constant flow of requests. And even after well-organized training, the team cannot maintain the best service with this constant flow of requests.

What’s the matter? It could be that you’re so used to your current help desk that you can’t even think over the fact that it no longer fits your needs.


A little bit later, you finally notice that you’re not completely satisfied with your current platform. You think: “They could improve the functionality here and this one is odd”. In this constant subliminal battle, all your emotions slowly but surely snowball. So, when this splash of negative emotions happens, the real anger stage of migration has begun.

On one hand, you are used to your help desk and value every little feature that improved your service. On the other hand, it can’t go on like this anymore because you’ll start losing what you have.

And having to make such a complicated decision that can substantially influence your business makes you completely hopeless. You start looking for someone or something to blame your problems on but still don’t accept the necessity of help desk migration. You think that maybe your team lost their drive or the managers cannot cope with staff and workflow organization. Everything and everyone is guilty, but you won’t migrate. Never!


In the constant doubts of whether to migrate your data to a new help desk or not, you slowly return to convincing yourself and others that everything is fine. “What if it’s just temporary and soon the team will get back to their brilliant productivity. Maybe they are just run out of strength”.

You believe your company has some minor issues at the moment. And you can’t find the solution for them just yet. But you definitely will later!


After a while, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the growing customer demands and you start feeling a little bit drained emotionally. You even can feel frustrated, as you’ve come to a dead end and just recently everything was fine. In this stage of migration, you begin considering the measures you need to take in order to save the day. And they also seem almost impossible to complete successfully.

You imagine days and nights filtering and deleting your data, looking for the future help desk options, trying out different ways of data migration and so on. All these seem to last forever like there’s no escape. Until…


Finally, after weeks or even months of internal struggle, the decision is made. You understand that data migration is an essential step for your further business’ growth. Data migration is not some spooky monster for you already and the point of making this step is completely clear. You’re ready for a big change and start thinking about what you should do to get ready for migration, where you will move, which way you choose for a transfer, and who will help you.

The Summary

Actually, you don’t have to experience all the unpleasant stages of your data migration. There’s a much easier way to transfer your records without feeling all these negative emotions. Our Help Desk migration team is always ready to assist your record transition. Let this process be as easy, quick, and painless as possible - just use an automated migration tool and efficiently export your data to a new system.

P.S. In case you have additional questions feel free to contact us, we know how to solve all your problems.

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