Here’s How to Export Data from SolarWinds MSP

With new and new solutions appearing on a help desk market every day, it is essential to be flexible in terms of what platform you’re using if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors. This time, we will share with you the information on how to migrate from SolarWinds MSP to another platform of your choice. So, if you are currently using SolarWinds MSP and want to export your data from it, keep reading this article for more details.

Short information on SolarWinds MSP

SolarWinds MSP, which, by the way, is becoming N-able, offers expertise, tools, and resources to help you take your IT services to the next level. The high functionality of the platform allows you not only to manage your client networks but also to benefit from online backup capabilities.

In other words, SolarWinds MSP is a multifunctional platform that will come in handy when taking care of your help desk-related tasks.

SolarWinds MSP

What data you can transfer from SolarWinds MSP

So, if you’ve been working with SolarWinds MSP for a while and now want to try a new platform, take a look at the records that are available for SolarWinds MSP export:

  • Tickets
  • Contacts (Note that only Contacts in Tickets will migrate)
  • Organizations
  • Agents
  • Groups
  • Attachments
  • Public and Private Notes
  • Custom Fields
  • Inline Images
  • "Created At", "Updated At", and "Closed At" Dates

All the above-mentioned entities can migrate from SolarWinds MSP to another platform from the range of Supported Platforms in an automated way. However, if you haven’t found anything that you’d like to export from SolarWinds MSP on the list or have any special requests concerning your data migration, drop us a line and our technical representatives will customize your case according to your needs.

How to migrate data from SolarWinds MSP

To set up your SolarWinds MSP data export, you have to go through several steps. Simply follow this SolarWinds migration guide:

1. Open the Migration Wizard web page and start a new data migration.

2. Choose SolarWinds MSP as a source platform and type in your email and password to connect it to Migration Wizard.

Solarwinds MSP Data Export

3. Select a target platform you would like to migrate to and type in all the necessary credentials. Keep in mind that, apart from help desk solutions, you can also perform a SolarWinds export to CSV.

Selecting Target Platform

4. Choose what type of data you would like to transfer from SolarWinds MSP to a new platform.

Choosing Data for Migration

5. Map the fields and make sure that the records migrate to the corresponding fields.

Mapping Ticket Fields

6. Start the demo migration. Once it is complete, carefully check whether the entities got transferred accordingly. You can use our detailed guide on how to check the result of the Free Demo Migration.

SolarWinds MSP Export Demo Is Complete

Note: Proceed with the next step only if you are satisfied with the outcome of the demo migration. In case anything migrated not the way you wanted, contact us right away.

7. Initiate the Full Data Migration to finish your SolarWinds MSP data export.

Let’s migrate your data!

All in all, you can effortlessly transfer your data to a new platform via SolarWinds export. So, how about starting to enjoy a new help desk solution and migrating from SolarWinds MSP right away?

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