Snowflake import
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Without developers, delays and hustle. With help of robust data import wizard.

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Snowflake import tool you’ve been looking for

Your platform import issues are behind you now. Full migration from platform to platform with HDM fast and simple.
Save time & money
Lower price, a faster transition to the new help desk, and no need to design the migration method. Get all of this with HDM service.
Simple process
Simply get the customer info ready for transition beforehand and begin moving your records. No need to do everything alone.
Key custom records with you
Whether it is for compliance reasons, or convenience, move your historical data to the target system to keep up with customer data easier.
Automatic migration

Why spend time transferring things by hand when a machine can deal with it?

Our importing system will deliver every record so you don’t need to.

Preserved dependency

Using HDM, you don’t have to be concerned that all of your migrated ticket data will lose their connections to other info.

Whether it is sender info or customer details, all of this is accounted for.

Data safety

All the credentials you provide throughout the migration process are not stored. Only authorized personnel can get access to your profiles or help desk dashboards.

All the information you provide is under solid protection from any type of danger.

Map your information

It’s not required to make considerable amount of data reviews to get started on your data import.

You can do all of this by using our data mapping system. Decide on what you want to keep and determine where it goes just by clicking the necessary boxes.

Powerful & accessible

You don’t need to understand the platform peculiarities to make full use of it.

Useful on-screen instructions will help you transfer your entities fast and effectively. As a result, you can set up a data import just about to any platform you want.

Our customers are priority

One of the main principles of our team is to make a service that we would like to use ourselves. Even though G2 recognized our customer care, we won’t stop there.

Why import data to Snowflake utilizing Help Desk Migration?

Castle gates

Security first

We don't disclose any of your personal information with third parties, and additionally thoroughly protect it, so not a thing gets lost or stolen.


User-friendly wizard to setup import

Our service was built to provide you with a easy to use data migration tool that helps to get the work done seamlessly.


Wizard window
Mapping fields window

Alternative and powerful field mapping

Only Help Desk Migration allows you to instantly move custom fields, as well as map their destination.


Preserved relations between objects and people

All tickets will be imported to Snowflake with their respective agents, contacts, and attachments, that way, saving the history of customers' requests.


Relations illustration

Objects you may import to Snowflake

Help Desk Objects
  • Tickets

    with replies, notes and attachments

  • Contact
  • Companies
  • Agents
  • Agents Groups
Knowledge Base Objects
  • Articles

    with images and attachments

  • Categories
  • Folders
96% of users love our service

We’re recognized for best support,
usability, and high ROI
in cloud migration.

Import data to Snowflake in six easy steps

  • Prepare

    Sign up and go to our migration wizard.

  • Connect source Help Desk

    Select and connect your source support desk with HDM.

  • Grant the right to access your Snowflake account.

  • Describe your requirements

    Let us know exactly what components of your migration you want to modify

  • Get your requirements estimated

    We will analyze your application and get back to you with a cost and a scope of work.

  • Import to Snowflake all data

    Move all your customer support information in a single push.

We keep your data secure

We take security very seriously and have developed a complete set of practices, technologies, and policies to help ensure that your data is protected.

Price estimation

Don't know how to estimate the cost of data migration?
Just check out this video for a detailed guide.

Select your current platform and the future one
Number of records in your current platform
Help Desk Record — every single Agent, Group, Contact, Company and Ticket. If you have 10 Agents, 10 Contacts and 40 Tickets, then you have 60 help desk records.
Knowledge Base Record — every single Article, Category and Folder. If you have 5 Articles, 6 Categories and 4 Folders, then you have 15 knowledge base records.
Let's get connected
Select how you want to proceed
Option #1: fully automated process
Automated data migration
According to the platforms you've selected, you can migrate:
Option #2: Tailored to meet your needs
Customized data migration
Fulfill any specific requirements you have: filter data, migrate tickets the way you need, reassign agents and more.
What kind of customization do you need?
Please describe your needs as detailed as possible

Thanks for your request!

We'll get back to you as soon as we have the estimate ready.

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Snowflake import in a few clicks

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