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Samanage vs Zendesk: Expected Benefits of Helpdesk Solution

The efficient help desk app can dramatically save time and resources. Besides, the fast and indeed useful help or issue solving definitely will gain customers loyalty and, possibly, additional word-of-mouth marketing. Jira, Freshdesk, Samanage, Zendesk, Desk.com, Help Scout, Cayzu, HappyFox, the list may be very long. Still, the main point is you need to find this very help desk. Did you recently get troubles with driving sales further? Or does your team suffer from friction with current solution (and therefore, your clients are also not very happy)?

This is the high time to define what are the real requirements to the help desk and find the right app. Identifying the weak spots will help you to correct the search and shop successfully. To save some time, you can look through a quick comparison of Samanage vs Zendesk. Spoiler alert: there are no preferences to any of these support service apps, just features and opportunities overview.

Quick intro

Currently, the help desk market (as well as any other solution market) offers numerous options, integrations, customizations and the like. Somebody may think that vendors stole the ideas from others, but in general all the main, and usually the most required, features are nearly the same, yet have some differences in settings, performance, layout, etc.

Samanage vs Zendesk: sketching similarity and diversity

Starting from the most general aspects, both Samanage and Zendesk support web-based versions and mobile apps (Android and iOS.)

Among the typical customers are freelancers, SMBs, and enterprises. If we talked about the industry,Getapp.com states that Samanage serves information technology and services (23%), e-learning (18%), retail (14%), internet (5%) and other (40%). Zendesk is used by information technology and services (19%), computer software (18%), internet (12%), marketing and advertising (7%), and others (44%).

The help desks themselves offer phone and online support, knowledge base, and video tutorials.

Being a subscription-based, don’t require a credit card, offer a free trial and demo, but don’t have a freemium plan. But here comes Samanage vs Zendesk difference: in Samanage the subscription starts from $19 agent/month with annual billing while in Zendesk it goes $5 agent/month billed annually or $9 agent/month billed monthly.

Samanage: Main Features Outline

Being presented as a service desk, Samanage offers the following opportunities for its customers:

  • Incident management deals with the tickets: consolidation, prioritization and managing across the company.
  • Problem management allows to detect the common issues that slow down your performance and help to escalate them to the effective workflow.
  • Change management is based on ITIL best practices, enhances the change plans execution and keep the team informed about the changes during the formalization of documentation and approval processes. (FYI: according to Wikipedia, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of detailed practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of the business).
  • Release management helps to avoid interruption of business processes during deployments.
  • Service catalog allows you to standardize the requests and fulfillment processes.
  • Service portal is the unified place for users to submit tickets, service requests, and monitor the status.
  • IT asset management is created for compiling your hardware, software, vendor data, purchase orders, and warranties.
  • Automations helps you to setup a specific workflow to speed up processes and deprive your team of a routine.
  • CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is used for mapping relationships between infrastructure components.
  • SLA and knowledge base enhance ticket management, team performance, and information searching.
  • Dashboards and reports give the visibility of the processes and insights for the future decision making.
  • Internationalization is represented by the support more than 40 languages and ability to customize services.

Sounding quite feature-rich, Samanage vs Zendesk are still different. Let’s dive into the primary capabilities of the second opponent of this comparison.

Zendesk: Opportunities to Offer

  • The main feature of this helpdesk is the multichannel support of conventional channels to facilitate the connection with customers.
  • The multilingual option allows to customize automation, macros, triggering, and knowledge base articles to one of 40 available languages.
  • Multi-brand means that you can use a single helpdesk for all your businesses.>
  • Business rules facilitate the workflow setting and other required automation.
  • Macros is a kind of the prepared standard responses to save time and speed up answers to the common questions.
  • Views show your team members their performance in details: queue based on the ticket status, assignee, group, etc.
  • Dynamic request forms deliver the contextual information for effective and personalized help.
  • SLAs, scheduled business hours, time tracking are available to ensure the ongoing presence for the timely, superb customer service.
  • Collaboration represented by the internal notes on tickets allows to see all the made changes in real time.
  • Knowledge base and customizable help center will help you to create, organize and manage your support content for those customers who prefer self-help.
  • Customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score surveys are the two options to find out the satisfaction and loyalty levels, and therefore, give information for the further improvement.
  • Insight reporting delivers you the ability to customize dashboards and reports to your specific requirements.
  • Pathfinder is a tool that shows what path has the customer made before the ticket submitting, so you can improve the weak spots.

Board it up

Samanage vs Zendesk: both help desk apps offer a rich toolset to deliver quality customer service. Thus, Samanage is more focused on the technology aspect of business running (hardware, software, database, etc. management) while Zendesk provides more features to get loyal and satisfied customers. Once you figure out what are your main requirements for the help desk, you will know exactly which of these apps are the perfect fit for your company. However, it may save you money and time if you test the system in action before moving the new solution.

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