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Rock Your Customer Service with Zendesk as Desk Alternative

O tempora! O mores! These words of Cicero are easily lying on the ever changing and ever growing requirements of customers to the service and experience they expect from the brands. Customer success depends on your responsiveness on the social media. As well as they keep picking up the phone to complain, ask questions, and compare.

That blended customer support requirements can be hardly fulfilled by mere emails, portals, and dashboards. The omnichannel help desk is a solution to enable real-time, feature-rich service with gamification and self-service elements.

There is no need to run for the solution that is popular or offers some out-this-world feature set. All your business and your customers want a good, timely, and quality service. So, as a Desk user, you could notice that the functionality isn’t so powerful (in comparison with other products of Salesforce) and not always reasonably priced. And now the solution stepped the road of retirement. So, you should look for a new help desk. Here is the best time to turn your attention to Zendesk as Desk alternative.

What’s the difference?

In a few words, Zendesk was built for easy tracking, prioritization, and solving customer support tickets and requests. The single interface with the ability to integrate the marketplace apps and business tools you use to the help desk delivers you the enhanced automation of the processes.

Build trust with Zendesk and convert customers’ reviews, comments, and direct messages into conversations. Plus, this Desk.com alternative gives the space for personalized customer support and being really responsive to the support channels your customers prefer. There won’t be anymore forcing customers to open all the possible pages or leave your website. You will be able to offer the help where the customer needs it, sometimes even before they actually ask for it.

With the opportunity to watch what customer did before submitting a ticket (involving the web pages views, articles read, and knowledge base search), you can set up rules and add tags to funnel the ticket to a right support agent and amaze your customer with a quick and quality service. That may look like you read their minds. But the outstanding customer service and experience will gain more loyalty.

Pros & Cons of Zendesk as Desk alternative

Nothing is ideal in this world. And the help desk software isn’t the exception. Yet, in the pace of growing changes and requirements, they improve and offer more functions to comply with the needs. So, Zendesk has quite intuitive navigation, it is easy to set up, and enables workable options for every budget. The pricing plans vary from $5/agent/month to $199/agent/month and up for the enterprise-level service.

However, it has no free version, just a 30 days trial. The higher pricing tiers provide more features. Zendesk enables a set of add-ons: Chat for live chat support, Talk for delivering phone support, and Guide for designing a help section on your website.

The single drawback of Zendesk is the limited features in the lower price tiers. And if you choose one of the lower pricing plans, you may feel a bit short-changed. The cheapest plan has no analytics, and the following more expensive plan has something that reminds analytics option. Thus, the comprehensive analytics option offered in the $49/month plan. Either way, every provider of help desk provides a varied functionality in different price tiers. Overall, Zendesk is a good Desk.com alternative and offers options for every budget. Here are more details about its price tiers and including toolsets.

#1 Essential for $5 per agent per month

This pricing plan is focused on freelancers and small companies that have a low ticket volume and merely setting out their customer service business wing. You will find this option just ideal if your customer support gets ticket amount only one dedicated agent. However, if your brand grows quite fast, you will soon outgrow this plan.

Among the major features are email and social channels. In simple words, your customers receive support through the channel they prefer most - email, live chat, Facebook or Twitter.

Also, you can set up a help center with the FAQs section. That’s a good point of the first contact if a customer has a question.

Website and mobile integration allow adding support contact form to your website and mobile app.

#2 Team for $19 per agent per month

Good spot for the small companies with a growing volume of tickets. In addition to the features from the previous plan, you receive the business rules option. From now on, with this option, you can create triggers for repetitive tasks. To illustrate it, you can send autoresponse to tickets that come when there is no agent available at the moment or when the customer service is offline.

In this price tier comes one more option - an app integration. So, you can integrate with the task desk or ticket translation app.

Another advantage is a dashboard that shows basic analytics: the number of tickets (new and solved), backlog, and first response time. Thus, you have limited details, and no customization option isn’t available.

#3 Professional for $49 per month per agent

Once your business is ready for data-driven performance and gets a vast number of requests, then professional plan options will comply with your needs.

CSAT feature will enhance the satisfaction surveys sending out as well as tracking the service agents’ performance.

Custom reports and dashboards are open for personalization of data you collect and analyze.

Besides, if you run business in other countries, you will be able to offer multilanguage support (Zendesk supports over 60 languages).

#4 Enterprise for $99 per month per agent

This pricing plan is focused on the enhancing outstanding customer service for midsized companies with the complex customer service. At this pricing level, you can set agent roles by using Zendesk predefined set: light agent, staff, team lead, or administrator, as well as create your role names set.

In this price tier also comes the multi-brands option. Where you can create a customizable help desk and contact forms for each company, but manage them in a single centralized location.

Another workflow simplification option is multiple ticket forms. With this feature, you can design different ticket forms for a problem with a product or refund request and a customer who wants to get a refund will see the various form from a customer who wants to get some help.

You can integrate the available satisfaction prediction feature into your workflows and use the data to predict the rate of customer satisfaction and figure out the actions will deliver a positive response from a customer. With this option, you can also give higher priority to high-risk tickets.

Additionally, you can get the personalized support from Zendesk when start launching the platform for your business.

#5 Elite for $199 per agent per month

Being the most expensive, this pricing tier is generally bought by large companies and enterprises. Within this plan, you can get advanced encryption and security, guaranteed 99,9% uptime, and other priority customer service features. Besides, you can choose the data center location (in the US or the EU.)

Unlimited light agents. This role in Zendesk allows the support agents see and privately comment on tickets, yet they don’t join the actual discussion with clients.

Also, your support team can get a response from Zendesk support within one hour. The option is called 1-hour service level objective. The answers are available in English only.

Additional services

To deliver more proofs for Zendesk as Desk.com alternative, the help desk also enables add-on products: Chat, Talk, and Guide. All these come as a free addition to every account, and you should pay for advanced features. These products integrate seamlessly with the help desk. And you can try them out before buying.

Either way, there are many other plugins you can integrate and use. However, Zendesk may charge some fee for each user of non-Zendesk add-ons in addition to the plugin fee.

In the flowing trend of AI, Zendesk offers Answer Bot that applies machine learning to analyze customer requests and deliver the recommended response. The AI works instantly, and tickets are never routed to a human support agent if a client is satisfied with the service. Answer Bot learns from its own mistakes and improves over time. It charges a fee of $0.70 to $1 per resolution. If the ticket was routed to a human support agent, then you don’t pay.

Bottom line

Paying attention to all the reasons mentioned above shows why Zendesk is a good Desk alternative. The help desk is accessible on the market, intuitive, offers valuable toolset in each price tier, and delivers add-ons and third-party services integration. But it is a pity that analytics and other top customer support features are available only on the highest pricing plans. Overall, Zendesk is an excellent choice for ticket management for SMBs.

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