The 3 Reasons to Move from HESK to SysAid

Hesk is a free self-hosted help desk solution. It is trusted by many of the small and mid-sized companies. HESK provides the tools to deal with customer inquiries and issues.

The basic functionality includes:

  • managing tickets - submitting, tracking, and assigning;
  • adding custom fields;
  • creating and managing knowledge base;
  • creating multi-language content.

However, even great software becomes uncomfortable with time. The company may outgrow the existing functionality and require more features. It may want to optimize the process and get rid of the server maintenance. Or it may need more flexibility and remote access. To all these reasons SysAid cloud service desk is an answer.

Why do companies switch from HESK to SysAid Cloud

SysAid is a cloud service desk with an extensive feature-set. SysAid is an official partner of Hesk and is recommended as a cloud alternative to HESK hosted software.

Besides the advantages of the cloud solution which are ease of setup and maintenance, SysAid offers a bunch of additional features:

  • managing assets;
  • CMDB;
  • creating a self-service portal;
  • managing knowledge base;
  • accessing the help desk remotely;
  • live chat support;
  • planning via calendar & scheduling features;
  • advanced reporting & analytics tools.

SysAid provides API and integrations with popular third-party tools including QuickBooks, SalesForce, Google Apps, Jira and many others available on the SysAid Marketplace.

How to migrate legacy data from HESK to cloud SysAid solution

Switching to a new platform arises a question of transferring help desk legacy data. First of all, it’s knowledge base, contacts, and tickets. With an automated Help Desk Migration Service, the process goes flawlessly, quickly, and transparently.

The service provides a clear wizard which helps you to specify source Hesk database, target SysAid account and then launch a migration. The wizard is simple and intuitive and doesn’t require any coding experience. It takes about a few minutes to run a demo migration, check the results and launch a full migration. The price is transparent and clear. It depends on the number of records being migrated. You can run a demo migration and get a price estimate on the

The entities which you can transfer with Help Desk Migration Service include tickets, contacts, agents and agent groups, companies, replies & notes and attachments. You can move your entire knowledge base along with categories, folders and preserve images and attachments in articles.

So if you currently use Hesk and require for more flexibility and broader choice of features don’t hesitate to migrate from Hesk to SysAid cloud solution. And Help Desk Migration Service will take care of the data migration.

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