7 Reasons e-Commerce Should Provide Exceptional Customer Support

With all the convenience online shopping provides to the customers, it lacks personal communication. And often, a customer support manager is the very person who can dispel a visitor’s doubts, invite them to a dialog and establish a personal connection between a visitor and a company.

On the Internet, online stores compete not just with other stores, but with hundreds of other websites: Twitter, Facebook, weather forecast sites etc. Your customer experience should be best-in-class to keep a visitor engaged in the shopping process and focused on completing the purchase.

In these circumstances, the customers’ inquiries cannot be considered as just a list of tickets to deal with. Every interaction is a chance to establish a long-term relationship between the clients and the brand. To use this chance to the fullest, companies have to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Why customer service in eCommerce is more than just answering tickets

1. Customers remember the service, not products

Have you ever preferred one store to another just because the assistant was more helpful? Or because he or she told you some details about the product while other assistants did not do it? In online shopping, such experience is valued even more. Online stores cannot stand out of the crowd of competitors with just merchandising tricks. So, often a person will choose your store just because your support manager clearly and quickly answered their question and sent a follow-up email after the purchase.

2. The best customer service builds trust

If visitors get quick answers to their inquiries before the purchase, it makes them confident that they will get help after the purchase as well. And if you read customer feedback on the review websites, you will notice that most users mention the quality of customer support there. Actually, the statistics say that 76% of consumers browse online reviews to determine which business to use.

3. Customer support can make or break your brand's reputation

The more popular social media become, the easier it is to share one’s negative experience with friends and the whole internet community. One angry post on Twitter or Facebook can turn into a public scandal. And vice versa, companies often get praise for exceeding customers’ expectations. However, customers are more likely to share their negative experience.

Fast and responsive customer support can help prevent negative word of mouth and minimize the disaster if negative comments have already been shared.

4. You can use your customer service as a basis of your marketing program

83% of landing page visitors say that business with the user reviews looks trustworthy — a study shows.

Positive testimonials enrich your marketing materials: case studies, presentations, white papers, printed materials.

And finally, you can build your marketing messages around your brand's customer friendliness. If you’re able to make your customer service stand out of the crowd, tell the world about it in your promotional content to help you convince potential customers to shop with you.

Social proof works, especially when real customers similar to your target audience share their personal stories about your top notch customer service.

5. Excellent customer service improves and strengthens your brand

Quality customer service will help to strengthen your reputation and help to build a reputable and trusted brand.

A company cannot buy word of mouth. But it can provide a shopping experience that is personalized, enjoyable and rewarding, and thus gradually grow the positive word of mouth. People are more likely to trust their friends’ and family recommendations than promotional promises from a website.

6. Great customer service helps to save money

Customer service issues are an integral part of any business. Your website can provide the best shopping experience, have qualified sales and service team and a trusted delivery partner. But incidents are inevitable and they cause customer irritation and concern.

A sympathetic and responsive support team can reduce the negative effects of these problems. When customers feel that their complaints are heard and dealt with promptly, they are more likely to wait one more day for their delivery or to put up with a minor fault.

7. Great service helps you increase customer retention rates

On average, loyal customers are worth 10 times as much as their first order. So the importance of customer retention should not be underestimated. Great customer service helps to boost customer happiness and loyalty. And vice versa, poor service leaves customers dissatisfied and makes them look elsewhere.

Final words

Those more experienced in eCommerce already know the value of help desks for customer support teams and their ability to provide high-quality professional service. However, there are also those who underestimate such software and its benefits. To the latter, we recommend considering the help desk usage in order to fulfill all the recommendations above and make your business grow and prosper.

So, if you decided to use a help desk for your business’ exceptional customer support or you are looking for migrating your data to more advanced software for the same purpose, we are pleased to help you make this experience an enjoyable one. Don’t waste your precious time and perform your data migration with our Help Desk Migration service.

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