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How to Prepare for and Perform a Successful Zoho Desk to Zendesk Migration

Choosing a help desk software, you have to stick to the unique demands of your business.

Zoho Desk and Zendesk are perfect tools that serve the needs of SMB. Zoho Desk is known to offer an easy and low-cost entry to a host of features. While Zendesk appears to be a more powerful system when you need to increase the productivity of your support team.

So having made a thorough research and testing, having considered all pros and cons you’ve decided to transfer your data from the current to the new help desk. Below we’ve summarized the feedback of the companies who performed such migrations and shared their experience.

Get Prepared

The first step on the way to a new helpdesk is to decide what data should be migrated. It may seem obvious just to transfer all the data and get the task done. But let’s look at the flipside of the issue.
Your current support system is storing up a lot of historical information that your employees no longer refer to. Moving all that data will make the target software look messy, reduce storage space and may even affect the helpdesk performance. The amount of information also influences the cost of migration. The more entities you transfer, the more expensive your migration will be.

So, make a research on how often your employees refer to the closed tickets, are there important reports that rely on that data. Then you can decide whether you can just archive some info or still transfer everything to a new helpdesk.

Choose Who Will Migrate the Data

Now when you have a clear vision on the volume of the data to be moved from Zoho Desk to Zendesk, it’s time to find the best method of migration. Here there are three options available.

Use your In-House Specialists

The first method is to send a request to Zendesk account manager and ask to help you with data migration.

Though Zendesk provides API documentation and forum help, transferring the data on your own requires strong hands-on coding knowledge. So this method is good to use if you’ve got time and competent in-house IT specialists.

Another migration option is to use a Zendesk CSV-based import tool. It doesn’t require tech experience but works only for transferring users and organizations.

Hire a Specialist

Consider hiring a specialist when you need a custom migration. This method is the most expensive but would work best when an individual approach is required.

Use Third-party Services

A third-party service will save you a lot of time and money. Migration services are the tools for the companies who want to perform a migration on their own but don’t want to bring expensive IT specialists aboard. The pricing of an automated migration is сlear and depends on the entities to be migrated. It is also the most time-saving method due to the fact that you don’t have to spend time on negotiations and the speed of migration itself is very high.

Before making the final decision you can run a test migration which is a big plus. Specialists recommend performing test migrations to check if fields mapping is correct and be aware of any possible errors in advance.

To summarize: Successful Zoho Desk to Zendesk migration begins with thorough planning and revision of the data within your current help desk. Choosing the method of transferring the info you should analyze if there are competent IT specialists at your company, how much customization is needed and how quickly the task should be performed.

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