The Ultimate Guide for Online Customer Service Events 2020

Customer experience (CX) conferences have been a thing for a long time. They offer a unique opportunity to improve customer relationships and keep up with modern trends in customer service in a matter of days. Such fast-paced learning, combined with listening to the experts in the field and asking them questions,  made summits incredibly popular.

Numerous successful organizations recognized conferences as an incredible way for their experts to share the wisdom for a common goal of improving customer service to the max. However, one can get a headache deciding which summit to choose among those offered on the market. Don't worry, we've got you covered. The HDM team gathered a list of the most popular CX conferences, free and paid.

Disclaimer. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many conferences were canceled or postponed until the next year to minimize the chances of contamination. However, some CX conferences organizers decided to bring the events to a new level and introduced materials online in the form of virtual summits. The quality of info certainly won’t be affected – the same information that was meant to be presented on physical conferences is just converted to a new format. The only thing that was affected was the price. That's why you may see a significant price cut. So, if you’ve been dreaming about visiting a CX conference, it’s high time to do so.

Free virtual summits

Available at no cost, these virtual summits include pre-recorded videos on various topics.

1. Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit is recognized as one of the leaders in CX conferences. They implement a number of different topics in their presentations, covering practically everything. Moreover, industry leaders are invited to host the events, sharing their success secrets.

Adobe Summit 2020 is unique in the fact that it offers more than 100 pre-recorded videos for you to learn entirely for free. You just have to type in the necessary credentials of the company and yourself, and you’re good to go. Moreover, if you’re registered on the website, a notification will come every time a new breakout session is posted.

Topics discussed: The main topics include - Journey Management; Gaining true customer intelligence; Personalized experience; Marketing trends in 2020 and so on.

Date: Available at any time.

Price tag: Online content is free.

Notable speakers:
Jason Woosley, VP of Commerce Product & Platform for Adobe's Experience Business.
Sarah Kennedy, VP of Global Marketing for Adobe.
Steve Hammond, Product Executive, Customer Experience and Marketing Technology.

2. Customer Service and Experience

It’s no secret that the industry has evolved over the last decade. In the same way, customers are no longer willing to accept poor service because of high expectations. Therefore, companies should have a strategy on how to evolve to meet these standards. Customer Service and Experience summit is aiming to answer this question in detail. Its agenda is pretty extensive, covering everything from messaging and chatbots, self-service up to the supercharged social media support.

Over 10 000 people have already registered to reimagine the cores of customer service. Customer Service and Experience offers more than 30 sessions, each with different hosts. That’s where things become fascinating – hosts are chiefs in customer care of the leading companies, such as MasterCard, Twitter, Verizon, PVH, and many more.

Topics to be discussed: How to get customers to answer their phones; Customer service strategies; The importance of messaging and chatbots; Social media support and others.

Date: November 17-18, 2020. However, you can get a hold of these recorded sessions at a special conference for two weeks after the initial date.

Price tag: Free. After registration, you will acquire access to live presentations, discussions, and Q&As.

Notable speakers:
Aparna Khurjekar, Chief Customer Officer (Verizon Consumer Group).
Lance Gruner,  EVP, Global Customer Care (Mastercard).
Dan Mohnke, VP; Customer Journey & Data Innovation (Nissan North America).

3. Next Generation Customer Experience

This CX event is aiming to provide brand-new, high-standard customer service on the market. With fire-side chats, panel discussions and town halls, you will be taken on a virtual tour, sightseeing the most famous landmarks of customer service. It's not a secret that modern consumers are very demanding, but Next Generation Customer Experience will help you satisfy them.

They say that a virtual event will practically mirror in-person conferences with interaction on every step. Moreover, you will obtain high-quality information in combination with unbiased perspectives from different experts in the field. The summit will last two days and believe us, they are packed with everything you could think of.

Topics to be discussed: Perfecting your voice of the customer program; How to provide best-in-class customer experience; Meeting customer expectations and many more.

Date: July 6-7, 2020.

Price tag: Free.

Notable speakers:
David Seldes, Director of CX (AT&T).
Jayne Halterman Martin, Director of Fan Experience (Kansas City Chiefs).
Carly Childress, Founder & CEO (Macovra).

These virtual summits come with a significant price tag, but offer much more than free ones did, including Q&As, live chats, and other features.

4. CMX Summit

Who hasn’t heard about CMX Summit with Community Managers, Builders, Directors, CEOs as the hosts? This event is generally considered as a high-quality source for gaining insight into the successful customer experience. But enough about their past achievements, let’s focus on what they’ve prepared for this year’s virtual summit.

CMX promises to provide numerous presentations, discussions as well as allow access to workshops of choice. It’s like they’re saying – clear your calendars and prepare for two days packed with customer service tricks.

Topics: Digital transformations; Analytics; Customer voice and others.

Date: October 6-7, 2020.

Price tag:

General admission ticket – completely free. You will get access to two-day conferences, Q&A chat, recordings, and sessions.
VIP ticket – 99$ (early bird package till July 24 – 75$) – everything available in GA ticket, plus access to private group sessions, brain-dates, discount for CMX features, and some additional prizes.

Notable speakers:
Cherise Goode, Product and Engagement Manager.
Laura Gluhanich, Director of ‘Him for her’ program.
Sophie Bujold, Social Branding and Imaging expert.

5. Customer Experience World

CEW is a revolution in digital summits, without exaggerations. Since the pandemic hit, it set a goal to reintroduce customer support to a world in the comfort of people's homes for the service to thrive when things are back to normal. And we feel like they are on the right path.

Customer Experience World is a Disneyland in some way. They offer four series that are going to take place from July till October. Each series will consist of four parts, 1.5 hours each, with the following sections: Leadership, Employee Experience, Customer Experience, Technology, Data & Analytics. You also get a chance to join Q&A with industry leaders and get answers to any of the questions that may appear along the way.

Topics: The anatomy of a successful customer support team; Tools necessary to implement a successful support team; How to get loyal customers and so on.

Date: Each of four series is divided into four sections, with a 1-week interval. The closest is July CEW session will be on the following dates:
14 July – Part 1, Leadership
21 July – Part 2, Employee Experience
28 July - Part 3, Customer Experience
4 August - Part 4, Technology, Data & Analytics.

Price tag: 50 pounds per live stream event when booking all four series. The best thing is that after the online sessions, you can obtain the recordings and rewatch them at any time.

Notable speakers:
Dr. Nicola Millard, Customer Insights and Futurology.
Martic Lucas, Chair and Facilitator for the Customer Experience.
Dayoan Daumont, Customer Experience and Digital Transformation.

6. CX Marketing Summit

CX Marketing Summit was always famous for the number of different speakers and the quality of information it provides. This year is no exception. Over 400 Delegates will cover a vast scope of material, which is referred to as a “survival guide” of customer experience.

Not to get lost, CX Marketing offers to download a free detailed guide, which contains basic time-topic-speaker information. It’s virtually impossible to view all topic streams and attend virtual round table sessions, while simultaneously watching videos. That’s why most of the materials will be available on-demand post-summit.

Topics to be discussed: Strategy & Innovation; Voice of a customer; Transforming CX marketing strategies to the ‘new normal’; Digital transformation and many more.

Date: October 8-9, 2020.

Price tag:
Standard – 1 virtual ticket - £395.
Bronze – 2 virtual tickets - £699.
Silver – virtual team ticket - £1295.
Annual – Festival Pass - £995.
Supplier – 1 ticket - £1495.

Notable speakers:
Malcolm McDonald, Professor of Marketing (Cranfield University School of Management).
Joe Rice,  Data & Enterprise Solutions (Twitter).
Charlie Clinton,  Digital Marketing Innovation Manager (Unilever).

7. Digital Customer Experience

As the name suggests, this summit aimed particularly at highlighting the latest innovations in digital CX, which has now become more important than ever before because of the global pandemic. Their conference is a kind of interactive environment, with world experts helping you to upgrade the digital CX strategy.

Except for the summit itself, Digital Customer Experience offers a book “Transform Your Approach to Customer Experience” with advice from leading CX executives for free. Although it’s not closely related to the conference itself, we feel like it’s a great bonus, and decided to include this.

Digital Customer Experience stands out from the crowd of other virtual conferences because it offers curated 1-to-1 meeting networking on a digital scale. This is made to ensure that exactly YOUR questions will be answered. Moreover, numerous interactive lessons will be available. Once again, a print-friendly guide is available.

Topics to be discussed: Why brands must focus on the customer as a person; How to improve the customer and supplier journey through improved survey data capture; Innovations in customer service and others.

Date: September 1-2, 2020.

Price tag:
Full Virtual Access – $499 (Early bird until July 14th receive $100-Off).
Vendors & Suppliers Pass - $1299.
Group discounts are offered: (for discounts to work, attendees have to register at the same time)
5 Attendees – 20% off.
10 Attendees – 30% off.

Notable speakers:
Alexander Genov,  Head of Customer Research (Zappos!).
Danielle Sauve, Director, Customer Insights and Experience (Esko).
Jerri Helms,  Senior Director, Digital Marketing Initiatives (Harper Collins).

8. Elevate Marketing Summit

Elevate Marketing Summit is all about creating personalized marketing plans that will work the best for your company. They say on the website that their course will be perfect for small companies starting their journey and looking for a way to establish a strong client base. If you are one, leave no place for hesitation.

In the Elevate Marketing Summit, you can obtain free templates and checklists, specially designed to ease the workload when it comes to drawing customers. Different approaches with vivid examples, tips on expanding marketing on a small budget – all of that and much more will be discussed in 20 lessons.

Topics to be discussed: How to fill social media feeds with personalized content; Increasing trust with customers; Building brand awareness and much more; Latest strategies in customer service and more.

Date: Available at any time.

Price tag:
Content Strategy Workshop from Bosco Anthony - $49 (1 lesson).
Elevate 2020 Summit: Content Marketing for Small Businesses - $75 (20 lessons).
Elevate 2019: Social Media Marketing for Small Business – Free (13 lessons).


Marie Hunter,  founder of Elevate Marketing Summit.

9. Inbound

Inbound– is actually a media platform that hosts annual conferences by HubSpot. It stands out because of its individuality. They have their own vision for the future of customer service, and marketing and they try to share this vision with you. The unique and fresh approach is for people who are tired of hearing similar advice and tricks on the topic.

Young, ambitious project new ideas to help your customer service to stand out among hundreds of similar companies. On their website, they motivate you to be optimistically bold, impactful, innovative and encouraging.

Topics to be discussed: New era of a customer relationship; Managing client success; Content strategies and so on.

Date: September 22-23, 2020. There’s even a big countdown on the website to remind you when the revolution in marketing and CX will take care.

Price tag:
Starter Pass – free.
Powerhouse Pass - $69 (access to Q&As, recorded content and stand-ups).

Notable speakers:
Andy Cohen, Emmy Award-winning host.
Bozoma Saint John, Marketing executive, global CMO of Netflix.
Elaine Welteroth, Editor in chief at Teen Vogue.

10. Journey to Customer-Centric Growth

Journey to Customer-Centric Growth is literally a journey of success to your company. It looks into success stories of different enterprises, analyses them. Hear the secrets from the world leaders about how they unlocked growth by internalizing customer's voice. Gain insights into various strategies and hacks from the experts in the field.

The one day includes speakers, covering every aspect of six different categories – Customer Experience, Customer Success, Customer Journey, Marketing and Growth, Qualitative Feedback and Employee Experience. Journey to Customer-Centric Growth allows you to connect with like-minded people while also learning about operationalizing CX and streamlining different operations.

Topics discussed: Why Customer Success Matters more than ever; Customer Driven Innovations; Building a Customer Experience Movement and so on.

Date: The event has already taken place, but all materials are available online with special tickets.

Price tag: $16  for a general ticket.

Notable speakers:
Jeannie Walters, Customer Experience, Workshop Leader.
Diane Magers,  Experience Management Strategic Advisor.
Brett Sharp, VP, Customer Experience.

How to get the most of the conferences?

1. Prepare in advance

If you’re reading this article, you are on the right track. After deciding which one to choose, browse through their website thoroughly, and study the agenda if available. Moreover, circle the most important topics for you or single out your favorite speakers.

2. Take notes

Treat a virtual summit just like you would a normal physical one. Take notes on the most important points, write down the main strategies and examples. This will help you comprehend the information better and remember everything.

3. Look through your notes

After the conference is over, reread your records in a slow-paced manner. Then, highlight the most essential parts that you are actually willing to implement in practice.

4. Teach what you’ve learned

You may be the only one from your company to attend such events. By teaching what you’ve heard to others, you can share the wisdom while simultaneously pinning the information in your head (metaphorically, of course).

5. Put it into practice

There’s no better way to improve your customer service than by practicing the tricks and tips you’ve learned. Test various options, and decide which works out the best for you.

Summing it up

It is certainly up to you to decide which conference to choose to meet your company goal. However, keep in mind that only with paid options are you able to get a hold of live Q&A chats and potentially receive answers to all of your questions.

No matter the choice you make, any of the summits are great. Above all, these virtual conferences allow us to study even during the hardest time for the customer service to thrive when it all ends. Choose the one that suits your needs the most!

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