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Why You Should Never Ignore Positive Customer Reviews

The notion around customer care comprises mostly of resolving and preventing problems. Many still think that it’s the primary task support teams should focus on, which is not quite so.

With the advent and growing popularity of social networks, the industry has come into sight at some new opportunities of becoming closer with the client and establishing a stronger and more friendly relationship than ever before.

On one hand, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. have become an essential and affordable marketing instrument. On the other hand, they gave buyers a quick way to publically communicate with the brand. Negative and positive feedback – are both valuable. Though we often hear about how to deal with angry clients, and rarely about what one should do with a satisfied customer.

So here are some good tips on how to behave and make your client even more loyal at the end.

Never leave positive customer reviews unnoticed

The last thing a company should do is ignore an expression of gratitude in its address. First off, it’s impolite. Second off, everyone is looking. Leaving a comment, tweet or a post unattended, the company can come off as apathetic. Like you just don’t care when people praise you.

That should not be the case. The smallest and simplest thing you can do is make it clear that you notice the positive messages. So, start off by liking the posts your customers make.

Anyone would be pleased to see that their opinion matters! And a company which follows and treasures the client’s opinion is worthy of trust and further collaboration.

Take it to another level and get creative. For instance, GIFs are a huge thing on Twitter, so take advantage. In other cases, personalize the reply. It’s all up to you, the limitation is only your imagination and the technical capabilities of the resource!

Share or retweet the positive comments

A simple retweet may bring a lot of benefits not noticeable at first sight.

By sharing the positive reviews you not only reinforce your good relationships with the customer but also add a positive image to your brand and public page. Needless to say that this will work much better than all than all marketing efforts put together.

Many pieces of research affirm that a person prefers mostly to trust an opinion of another person than any other advertising. Therefore, the feedback your customers share on social networks and other mediums is so valuable.

Finishing note

Identifying customers’ pain points is essential. However, you should also listen to and praise the happy campers because they help identify the bright points of your company’s service. So, the next time someone tags you in their tweet or drops a thank you letter to the inbox, take your time to say thanks in return. Because being grateful is also a part of good service.

Boost the experience of your customers!

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