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Migration — Freshdesk Tickets to Zendesk

Having decided to switch from Freshdesk to Zendesk software, you will inevitably face the choice of whether to move the contents from your legacy system or to start from scratch. If your decision is to perform Freshdesk to Zendesk migration rather than lose your records, this article is for you.

Whether you want to move to Zendesk out of sheer curiosity or you have a legitimate reason, chances are, you need a guide to get you started. In this article, you will get to know why data migration is a better choice than starting everything from scratch while switching from one platform to another, become acquainted with types of records that should be transported from Freshdesk to Zendesk, and learn how to move all your tickets using the native Freshdesk solution, as well as how you can use our solution for all your migration needs.

Why Migrate

The first reason is to keep all the tickets within one system and to be able to refer to the closed tickets when necessary. Surely, old tickets can be archived and retrieved if needed but that takes quite time and slows the workflow down.

Companies serious about their customer support use a number of reports. Being able to rely on all the historical data is another reason to perform data migration.

And finally, by the law of some countries, it is required to store users’ information during the stated period of time. In that case, there is no way to avoid migration.

What Data Should Be Moved to Zendesk

The process of transferring tickets with users is the most basic migration. Other entities migrated most often are Knowledge Base and Help Center. The full list of entities that can be migrated is stated in the Zendesk API documentation.

Another question to consider is whether custom fields can be moved and how to migrate them correctly. Be sure to check this issue when you choose your migration partner. In short, custom fields migration involves three steps. First of all, revise the data and check if all the info in the custom fields is relevant and important. After you’ve chosen the fields to be moved add corresponding fields in Zendesk. And finally, do the mapping and check the results in your Zendesk account.

How to Perform Data Migration

Exporting Tickets From Freshdesk

Before you can actually move something from Freshdesk, you first need to export it in a file. In this case, where we need to move Freshdesk tickets to Zendesk, your best option would be using the API method. Why? The reason is quite simple. Zendesk doesn’t like CSV files nor does it have a native solution to move all your stuff using a file.

So, the first thing you want to do is head over to your Freshdesk project page and locate the “Tickets” tab. Once there, you simply click on the “All Tickets” option. It will lead you to all the tickets where you can also apply filters and whatnot. After you are done filtering out all your Freshdesk tickets, you then must look at the top right corner. There you will find the “Export” button.

Pressing this button will lead you to a menu where you can pick the desired format. In our case, pick the CSV option. Do keep in mind that you need to make sure the time frame on the ticket list page is higher than the one you see in the Export window.

Migration Freshdesk tickets to Zendesk

Freshdesk to Zendesk Importing Process

Now that you have the CSV file in hand, you can then proceed to your Zendesk migration process. This is where the tricky stuff comes in, so pay close attention and in case something doesn’t work, rinse, and repeat. Or refer to the second method which we will be covering shortly. Ok, now that we said this, we can finally move on to the process itself.

So, first thing first, your best bet is to use the Zendesk API system. The idea behind this method is that it will allow you to move just about anything in a relatively short time span. However, the main disadvantage of this method is that it does require that you have a developer that understands both systems (Freshdesk and Zendesk) equally well.

Another issue stems from the fact that if you don’t have a developer, the method becomes super expensive and quite long. It is true that Zendesks API documentation is well written and you have everything at your disposal. But this also makes Zendesk migration even longer than it should be.

A Simple Way

Although the API method is considered to be the best option, what if we told you that we have a system that is just as good as the API solution. Yes, there is a way to move all your Freshdesk tickets to Zendesk in the same manner as the API method but without you requiring to code or hire developers on Upwork. All you have to do is head over to the Help Desk Migration website and do the following:

  1. Pick what kind of platform you are moving from (in our case that would be Freshdesk or CSV).
  2. Pick the target platform (in our case it’s Zendesk migration).
  3. Then hit the "Continue" button.

Freshdesk to Zendesk Migration Mapping
You will then be asked to provide all the necessary credentials. In our case that would be the email you used to register, and the password. The reason why we need this information is that Zendesk API uses oAuth that necessitates this information. Once you’ve provided the necessary information, a short demo Zendesk ticket will be executed. This test is mandatory as it will allow us to verify that everything will go smoothly. After everything is set in stone, we will proceed to the full migration process. So, if you want to move your data to Zendesk right now, you have to register first.

To get the price of the full migration you have to fill in a simple form, specifying your contact info and the list of entities to be migrated. If you have any questions about the data migration hit up the service team here.

Benefits of Using Our Service

One of the best things about our tool is that it doesn’t matter if it’s Freshdesk or Zendesk. We can move all your tickets, knowledge base articles, and contacts in on run. And speaking of the run, with our service, you don’t have to bother with editing the file to match your platform, nor do you need to worry that something will get mixed.

We made sure that our system understands how Zendesk tickets look, as well as how they should be implemented. With us, you are not limited to a single method. If you have a CSV, a dump, an API token, you can use all of them to move your valuable information to a new platform effortlessly.

Keep in mind that this is a paid service. But we can assure you that it is much cheaper than hiring a developer to do the migration for you. Our service completely eliminates this need, or any coding need for a fact, and delivers the same result.

Let’s Migrate Together

Whether it’s Zendesk, Freshdesk, or any other help desk platform, we will help you move your information. If you have any questions regarding the migration process, give us a call or leave a message. Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible and discuss all the nitty-gritty details.

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