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Migrate Your Records From Dixa Using HDM Service With No Efforts

Help Desk Migration team is beyond excited to present you with the possibility of data migration from yet another help desk software. This time it is Dixa, a help desk, whose API integration has been requested for a long time now.

What is Dixa?

Dixa is an innovative help desk that is all about customer and engagement service built for customer-loving teams. Prioritize, personalize, build long-lasting relationships – all that and much more you can do in Dixa. This software is truly one of a kind, but there are times when you decide to implement a help desk tool.

Thanks to our software engineers from now on, you can export records from Dixa to virtually any help desk platform of your choice. Keep reading for more details.

What you may export from Dixa

  • Conversations (featuring subject, tags, type, source, assignee, requester, comments, creating date, update date, and closing date)
  • End-users (including such default fields as name, email, company, and phone number)
  • Admins & agents
  • Companies
There’s no such thing as ‘groups’ on Dixa, that’s why some records can be structured differently on the target platform.

While the list seems pretty small, it contains all the core entities that might be needed in a new help desk. If there are some records you really need to migrate, but they are on this list or even more, not available for automatic transfer at all, contact our support team and we’ll do our best to help you.

Migration Requirements

To set up the migration, you are required to have two basic things:

  • Credentials for Dixa and target platform ( to form a connection between the systems and our service).
  • Admin rights to run the migration.

We recommend checking in advance to prevent any possible failures from happening.

How data migration works

The process of data migration is actually pretty straight-forward. Our customers have to simply follow these steps:

  • Connect Dixa as a source platform and put in required credentials
  • Repeat the same process with a target platform of your choice
  • Select the data you want to migrate and map the necessary fields. The mapping will help you easily locate records when the transfer is over
  • Run the trial migration
  • Carefully check the demo results
  • Run the Full Data Migration

We advise you to take a look at the more advanced data migration checklist. If you still find anything unclear, feel free to contact our super-friendly support team for immediate answers.

Let’s get your data moving

Looking for a hustle-free and fast data migration without the need to deal with codes? Trust your records to the Help Desk Migration service. Our Migration Wizard will take the transfer upon its shoulders for you to enjoy a seamless and secure migration process. You’re a few clicks away from the data migration of your dreams.

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