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Migrate the Data from H2Desk Using HDM Service

The Help Desk Migration team has got some good news and some bad news for you. Let’s start with the bad ones: as the official webpage of H2Desk says, the platform will close permanently on February 28, 2021. So in case you’ve been using the H2Desk, it’s high time to transfer your data to a new platform. Don’t even start to worry concerning which alternative to H2Desk to choose or how to migrate the data from H2Desk, though, as here is the good news: the Help Desk Migration service will be glad to help you out here! We can assist you in effortless, quick, and secure data migration from H2Desk to another service desk of your choice. Keep reading this article to learn more!

What is H2Desk, and why does it close

H2Desk is a help desk software that was originally launched in 2004 in order to help clients enhance customer service and differentiate their products in the marketplace. The platform has been continually improved, which made it to become one of the most popular solutions in the help and service desk software market. Moreover, H2Desk has various intuitive, easy-to-use, and quickly implementable support tools, such as H2Chat, that were designed to boost the platform’s productivity.

Therefore, there is no doubt that H2Desk has helped clients to perform customer service-related operations. However, an announcement on the H2Desk landing page states that the platform will be ceasing operations and perpetually closing by the end of February 2021. The company names two main reasons for that:

  • The difficulty with maintaining consistent profitability caused by an increasingly saturated help desk software business.
  • The closure of many H2Desk’s clients caused by an economic crisis the COVID-19 pandemic created.

Best H2Desk alternatives

As we have already mentioned above, one of the reasons for H2Desk to close was an increasingly saturated help and service desk software business. Indeed, there are various platforms you can choose from when it comes to customer service-related operations.

For you to know, the Help Desk Migration service supports more than 300 platforms you can migrate your data between. That’s why we are sure that you will easily find a new help or service desk you can transfer the H2Desk records to.

We have prepared for you a shortlist of popular help and service desk platforms that can serve as H2Desk alternatives.


Being one of the leading customer support software and ticketing systems, Freshdesk has everything you might need while working with a customer support platform. The service desk is fully packed with various ticket-, collaboration-, -security-, reporting-, analytics-related functionality. In addition, Freshdesk has an AI chatbot system that can assist you in solving complex problems. Thus, transfer your records via H2Desk to Freshdesk migration and try a new platform yourself.

Freshdesk Landing Page Screenshot



Zendesk is also one of the best tools for many business owners, mainly because of its high reliability and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, the ability to automate practically anything you like, beginning from a customer call answering machine and ending with a ticket rerouting option, is also a big plus. Finally, the fact that you can enhance internal workflows in Zendesk is definitely worth mentioning. So if you opt for Zendesk as your target platform, the Help Desk Migration team will be happy to assist you in H2Desk to Zendesk migration.

Zendesk Landing Page Screenshot



One more platform to consider when it comes to H2Desk alternatives is LiveAgent. This advanced help desk and live chat software not only supports omni channel communication but also enables users to automate workflows and store all customer-related information and ticket history in one place. Furthermore, LiveAgent is available in more than 40 languages and supports adaptable language widgets. Feel free to perform H2Desk to LiveAgent migration with the help of the Help Desk Migration service.

LiveAgent Landing Page Screenshot


SolarWinds Service Desk (Samanage)

Despite the fact that SolarWinds Service Desk (Samanage) is not a help desk but a service desk system (what is already indicated in its name), it will serve as a solid alternative to H2Desk when it comes to both serving customers and solving internal tasks. The great advantage of the SolarWinds Service Desk (Samanage) is that it does not require any installations or specific hardware configurations. So you can easily run H2Desk to SolarWinds Service Desk (Samanage) migration and start using a new platform right away.

SolarWinds Service Desk Landing Page Screenshot


Zoho Desk

And the last platform on our list of H2Desk alternatives is Zoho Desk. Being part of the Zoho family, the tool has a lot to offer. No matter whether you need one of the best AI companions in the industry, various social media integration possibilities, or a fair tracking tool, Zoho Desk has it all. On top of that, the platform provides you with the possibility to unify all your channels into one shared inbox. Therefore, if the combination of all those features is something you are looking for, the Help Desk Migration team is ready to help you with the H2Desk to Zoho Desk migration.

Zoho Desk Landing Page Screenshot


How to export H2Desk data to another help desk

So, you’ve already decided on a help desk solution you would like to transfer your H2Desk records to. The next logical question is how you can do it. Don’t worry, though, as the process of data migration is straightforward and easy when it comes to our Migration Wizard, which will practically do almost all the work for you.

What data can be migrated

The functionality of the application will allow you to migrate the following records from H2Desk:

  • Tickets
  • Groups
  • Contacts
  • Staff

Despite the fact that these records are the key ones when it comes to data migration from H2Desk, we do understand that you might have any specific wishes concerning the data that can be transferred to a new platform. Just drop us a line, and our support team members will gladly answer your questions and try their best to help you out.

Setting up the migration process: a step-by-step instruction

After you make a decision on what entities to transfer from H2Desk to a new platform of your choice, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1. Sign up or log in to Migration Wizard on our website.

Step 2. Pick H2Desk as your source platform and fill in the necessary credentials, such as URL, API Key, Login, and Password. All needed information can be derived from your H2Desk account.

Step 3. Pick a target platform of your choice. Don’t forget to fill in the necessary information as well.

Step 4. Select entities that you want to migrate and, if necessary, indicate your mapping preferences by matching up ticket fields between H2Desk and a platform you are migrating to.

Step 5. Run the free trial. Our service will randomly pick 20 tickets from your H2Desk account and transfer them to your new platform. The demo process usually takes about 5 minutes. Right after the demo migration is complete, you will be able to check how the records look in the target help desk instance.

Note: Please thoroughly check the result of the Free Demo Migration. In case there are records you would prefer to got transferred differently, contact our support team right away. If you are satisfied with how the data migrated, move on to the next step.

Step 6. Go ahead with moving all of your data. Simply proceed to payment, and leave things as they are till the whole process is complete.

Step 7. Just like you did with the demo, check the outcome of the full migration, and don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team if you have any questions.

That’s it! Enjoy using your new platform!

Let’s transfer your records!

Since there is not much time left till the H2Desk will permanently close, do not postpone the data migration. Just set up a Free Demo Migration on our webpage and see how a limited set of your records will be transferred to a new platform of your choice. And remember that we are always here to help you out.

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