Migrate Changes and Problems from SolarWinds Service Desk (Samanage) Using HDM Service

We suppose you think of migrating from one service desk to another. In that case, you probably consider a possibility to export such ITSM records as Changes and Problems from your old platform to a new one, as they play an essential role in your IT service management and complement the Tickets for even better performance.

Well, today, we have some good news for those of you who want to export data from SolarWinds Service Desk (Samanage) to a new platform - we have recently made the migration of Changes and Problems entities possible.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading this article for more details.

What entities can you migrate from SolarWinds Service Desk?

With the Help Desk Migration service, you can migrate a wide range of entities from and to different service desks. SolarWinds Service Desk is also on the list of platforms we support, which means that you can export virtually anything from this service desk. We are continually improving our service, and, as we mentioned before, from now on, you can migrate such ITSM records as Changes, Problems, Tasks, Notes, and Custom fields from Solarwinds Service Desk to a new platform. Now let's take a look at the related records that are also possible to export.

The data you can migrate together with Problems includes:

  • Created at and updated at dates
  • Attachments and notes attachments

The data you can migrate together with Changes includes:

  • Change plan, test plan, and rollback plan
  • Created at and updated at dates
  • Planned start and planned end dates
  • Attachments and notes attachments

Moreover, such service desk data as Incidents, Requesters, Sites, Users, Groups, Attachments, Comments, Inline Images, Tags, Knowledge Base Solutions, and other units can be exported from the SolarWinds Service Desk and transferred to another platform of your choice.

Note: Keep in mind that you can migrate standard entities to any of the service or help desk systems that are supported by the HDM service. However, Changes, Problems, and other ITSM records can only be transferred to service desks that support these specific types of records.

Setting up the migration process

So, now you know that Changes, Problems, and other entities can be migrated from the SolarWinds Service Desk with the assistance of our HDM service.

Therefore, the following short guide on how to set up the migration process will come in handy for you:

1. Go to the Migration Wizard page and start a new data migration.

2. Select SolarWinds Service Desk as a source platform you would like to migrate from.

Migrate from SolarWinds Screenshot

3. As well, choose a target platform you would like to migrate to.

SolarWinds itsm records export

4. Provide all the necessary credentials to both source and target systems, such as API Token of your SolarWinds Service Desk. Without them, a migration process is not possible.

5. Choose the service desk data you would like to export from your SolarWinds Service Desk. Do not forget to put a tick next to the Changes and Problems entities.

Mapping SolarWinds Screenshot

6. Click the Map fields button and go through mapping fields carefully. Below, you can find examples of various field mapping schemes to pay attention to.

Check the mapping of Incidents to Tickets.

Incidents to Tickets SolarWinds Screenshot

Control the Changes to Changes mapping route.

Changes to Changes Mapping SolarWinds Screenshot

Do not forget to examine the Problems to Problems mapping.

Problems to Problems Mapping SolarWinds Screenshot

Finally, look over the Solutions to Articles mapping fields.

Solutions to Articles SolarWinds Screenshot

7. After finishing the mapping, you can start a demo migration. It usually doesn’t take long, so soon you will see the outcome of your trial migration. Please check whether the entities got transferred accordingly.

Note: See a detailed guide on how to check your demo migration results in our Help Center.
Demo is complete SolarWinds Screenshot

8. After checking the result of a demo migration, you can start the Full Data Migration.

Ready to try?

So, if you’re ready to give your business a fresh start and move from SolarWinds to a new platform, don’t hesitate to use the Help Desk Migration service. We believe that after reading this article, you are completely ready to export your Changes and Problems records from SolarWinds Service Desk (Samanage). But if you’d like to learn more about what we do feel free to contact us and initiate the demo migration process.

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