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The 10 Languages You Need to Support if You Sell Worldwide

For companies selling worldwide, being multilingual is no longer a matter of choice. Today, only 20% of all online content is in English. And while English remains the most widespread language in the business world, in comparison to the other languages, its growth is slowing down.

There is a range of factors that determine whether a specific language is more widely spoken than the others. These factors include:

  • shifts in population;
  • economic growth;
  • penetration of the Internet.

Look at the predictions from the Common Sense Advisory report:

By 2022 in the 187 countries having been analyzed, 59% of their population will have access to the Internet.

An interesting fact is that this growth is mostly concentrated in emerging market economies. This explains why languages such as Simplified Chinese are becoming more widely used.

Here is the list of the 10 most important languages on the market:

  1. Simplified Chinese
  2. Spanish
  3. Japanese
  4. German
  5. French
  6. Portuguese
  7. Russian
  8. Italian
  9. Arabic
  10. Hindi

Certainly, your customers can speak some other languages and your top list can differ.

How to be closer to your customers — help desk solutions with multilingual support

A common language in business increases trade flows by 44% (source). So providing content in different languages creates new possibilities for companies selling globally.

Offering customer support in the client’s language is one of the steps that removes language barriers. Below is the list of help desk software that enables multilingual support.


Zendesk provides multilingual support within their Professional and Enterprise plans. You can select which languages you want to use in system messages and email notifications.

In the Help Center, you can also serve content in those languages and let users choose the language they are most comfortable with.

Salesforce Service Cloud

You can translate articles and FAQs into the languages your customers speak. However, Salesforce Service Cloud allows using only the languages supported by their platform.

You can translate content either directly within Salesforce CRM or export the articles for translation and then import them back.


Freshdesk allows to set up your multilanguage support portal and send email notifications in the customer’s language. This help desk software automatically detects the language of the inquiry and sends email notifications in that language. Currently, businesses using Freshdesk can provide support in 34 languages.

Freshdesk also features multilingual help desk interface for the support agents, making their work environment more comfortable.

You can analyze how your non-English speaking customers use the knowledge base by looking at the Customer Insights dashboard.


HappyFox help desk can “speak” 35 languages. The software offers a complete multilingual support package.

With an email parsing feature, you can be sure that all customer queries will be reflected correctly in the help desk.

By uploading the translated articles into the Knowledge base you will reduce your support staff workload by enabling customers to find solutions to their issues on their own.

Vision Helpdesk

With Vision Helpdesk, you can translate your knowledge base into multiple languages. This help desk allows your customers to choose their default language when they use the help portal. Vision Helpdesk can also send autoresponder emails in the language spoken by the customer.

Thinking about multilingual support?

Let your customers choose the preferred language when using the self-service portal and you will not only improve customer satisfaction but also take some load off your support team.

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