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The Guide on How to Migrate from Freshservice to Zendesk

There are hundreds if not thousands of different help desk systems. Generally, they accomplish the same thing - allow managing customer support. The specifics of which to choose depend on the needs of your business and the workflow inside the support team.

Regardless of the reasons you decided to choose Zendesk over Freshservice, we want to make sure you can migrate your data with as little effort as possible. This post gives you an instruction on how you can prepare, set up and perform the migration to Zendesk using our automated data importer. However, pay attention that you won't be able to carry out the process without having a registered account in Zendesk.

Before you begin

    1. Turn off Automation and Observer rules in Freshservice. You don’t want your clients to receive updates when Tickets are migrated.
    2. Set up all agent accounts in Zendesk. Make sure you don’t create Light Agents since you can’t assign Tickets to them.
    3. Create custom fields in Zendesk. Log out and log back in Zendesk.
    4. Reach out to Freshservice customer support and ask to increase the API limits for your account so the migration could go faster.
    5. Make sure you have Admin rights for both accounts.

Step 1: Get the green light

The journey begins with connecting your Freshservice and Zendesk accounts with our service. In order to perform the data transition, the Migration Wizard needs access and permission to move your data.

First, specify the following credentials for your Freshdesk account:

how to migrate from freshservice to zendesk

Custom ticket view ID is optional. You can specify which set of tickets you’d like to migrate or migrate all Tickets by leaving the field blank.

Click “Continue” and in the next form enter Zendesk company URL and sign in using the email and password to your Zendesk account. Now, you should have both help desk systems connected with our tool.

If you’re having troubles connecting the platforms, check the credentials you’re using for typos/validity and try again.

Step 2: Follow the map

Migration Wizard automatically maps the entities, Ticket fields, and Knowledge base statuses. Just tick the boxes next to the records you want to migrate:

how to migrate from freshservice to zendesk

Note, that Tickets must be migrated along with the Customers, Agents, Groups, Company, and Users. These records are interrelated and cannot be moved separately. This can only be done in a custom migration.

You can also tweak some options according to your needs. Particularly, you can change the mapping of Ticket fields and Knowledge base article statuses:

How to migrate from Freshservice to Zendesk

Once you’re done, save the mapping settings and go to the next step.

Step 3: Ready, Demo, Run!

You’re all set up to start a Free Demo Migration. Switching help desks is a stressful experience, and we don’t want you to just charge blindly forward. Before migrating all of your data, you get to complete a trial import.

Our service will choose 20 Tickets and transition them to Zendesk along with related Agents, Customers, etc. Once the Demo is done, you will also see how much it will cost to import all of your data.

Thoroughly check the outcome of the Demo Import using this guide.

If you’re satisfied with the result of the Demo Migration, then you can launch the Full Data MIgration. A common question our clients ask us is: “How long will the migration take?” There’s no exact answer to this question. It can take several hours to a week or even two. It all depends on the volume of data you’re migrating, the API limits provided by Freshdesk and Zendesk, and the size of attachments in your Tickets.

You can occasionally sing in your Help Desk Migration account to check the progress. But we keep an eye on all migrations, and you will be notified once the import is over.

See for yourself!
Go ahead and try setting up a Free Demo Migration from Freshservice to Zendesk.

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