How to migrate data from Gemini fast and easy? Use HDM service!

Can you imagine Help Desk Migration without releasing a new feature or cool update? We can’t do this, too! That’s why we’re coming back with a new data migration feature right now.

Gemini help desk users, we have some excellent news for you! If you are lacking some functionality in your old system and would like to update your help desk, then it’s high time to move your stuff to a new place. And this is precisely our field of expertise.

With Help Desk Migration, you can export records from Gemini to virtually any help or service desk and spend minimum time and effort. That’s the miracle that our Migration Wizard does. Now, let’s dive into details.

Which records can you migrate from Gemini?

As usual in articles of this sort, we’ll show the exact list of entities that one can migrate from Gemini to their new help desk solution. Let’s take a look at data you can move using our Migration Wizard:

  • Tickets together with Attachments, Public Notes, and Custom Fields;
  • Contacts and Organizations;
  • Agents and Groups;
  • Inline Images.

However, there are some system peculiarities that you should remember before the data migration. Because of the Gemini data organization pattern and API documentation, some records will appear with slight differences in other help desks. Here are some things you should mind:

1. Organizations migration

In Gemini, it’s possible to add a User to several Organizations. However, during the data migration, the Users will be linked only to their main Organization.

2. Agents migration

Only those users that have at least one ticket assigned to them will migrate as Agents. All the rest will move to the target platform as ordinary Contacts.

Keep these peculiarities in mind, when migrating from Gemini so that all your data will migrate as expected.

How do you set up a data migration with HDM?

Now, to the data migration itself. Moving data to a new platform is clear and smooth with our Migration Wizard. All you have to do is follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Register with our official website and set up a new data migration.
2. From the list of supported help desks, select Gemini as a source platform. Provide the necessary credentials to establish a firm connection and enable the tool to access the data from your account.


3. Complete the same process with your target help desk for the tool to be able to move the records there.


4. As soon as both platforms are successfully connected, you will be able to choose the objects for your migration. After selecting them from the list, you can also change the ticket field mapping if needed.



5. If everything looks fine, start the demo migration process. It’s a required step during which our tool will take 20 randomly chosen Tickets from Gemini and transfer them with all the related data to your target help desk. Thus, you will be able to check the outcome as well as the performance of our tool.


6. If everything looks fine, move on to the full data migration!

And that’s it! Set up the demo migration for free and get the first results in about only 15 minutes. We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed!

Time to upgrade!

Don’t waste precious time and start moving from Gemini to a new platform today! Our responsive support team is always happy to assist you with any migration-related questions. So, make sure to drop us a line! Or, if you haven’t chosen your future help desk yet, visit our blog where we review a lot of other help and service desks. You’ll definitely find something for yourself. And, that’s it for today. See you in our next blog post!

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