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How to Migrate Data From Email Into A Help Desk

So you’ve finally decided to ditch email as your main tool for managing your company and move to something that is crafted for this sole purpose. Chances are, you are moving to help desk system and found out that it’s are kinda different when importing stuff. Yes, it's a common issue that help desks aren’t exactly suitable for moving data. Thus, if you ever wondered how to move emails from one account to another, keep reading.

Email Migrate

You see, unlike most things that revolve around some kind use information, help desks are different. And it's not just different, it's completely separate in terms of migration. Each vendor uses its own proprietary format to store information. And this can result in a number of different issues such as incompatibility, missing info, broken data, or worst case scenario, corrupt files. Now imagine all this in an email environment, where hundreds of records are stored in a chaotic manner. Not very compelling that's for sure.

Means of Transferring + Safeguarding Data

Yet, not all is lost. You actually have two methods of moving your stuff to the new place, as well as you have a bunch of precautions techniques to help save your precious information. So, for starters, there’s security and backup. There’s no denying that preparation for the worst means safeguards your workflow in the future. After all, knowing how to migrate email correctly can save you a lot of time and effort.

So, to makes things easier for you to digest, we first recommend that you head over to the export options on your email system and hit export. If by any chance you get to choose between CSV or XML, get both. Why? Well, some help desk systems have trouble handing one format over the other, so having both is much better because you have options. Returning back to the safeguarding process, make a bunch of copies of the same file and upload it somewhere safe. Once you’ve done that, we suggest you don’t ditch your email as it will serve as your comparison point. Or in other words, you will need to check and compare data from your email in your help desk of choice.

As for mail migration, you can try and import the exported file and see what you got. If things go south, you can always open the file and try to fill data on your own. But that’s an option for those of you who have few contacts and typing down everything won't take an eternity. Those that do have a ton of info to move, can opt for the native solution (try to modify the exported file to fit into the new place).

Migrate email to a help desk

How to migrate email the Easiest Way

By far, the easiest way to move your information to the new place is using our Migration Wizard. In just a few clicks you will transfer all your data in seconds. It’s a hassle-free experience and the integrity of your information will be intact. We test our products and in most cases, each field is in the right place so no worries there. (The exception would be using an obscure email system). So, tickets first, thanks to the fact that most emails have quoted text, all your ticket data will be just where you need it. As for agents, on the target platform, all tickets will be assigned to the right person, and finally, images will be represented as attachments.

For a better understanding of the whole process, let’s examine these features and put them into perspective. This way you will be able to assess the scope of the benefit and what potential uses it might have.

Migration Wizard Facilities

So, let's imagine you use a Gmail account to do all your sales stuff but you’ve decided that it’s about time to migrate. You head over to the export options in Gmail and realize that you can’t export in CSV. Enter our wizard. It can directly communicate with Gmail and can export from it in the desired format. Now you can edit and import the file wherever you like. You can find out how this is done over here.

Another case would be preparing the file itself. Sometimes filling out all the forms manually just isn’t feasible. This is where our migration wizard can help you out. All you have to do is follow this small reference guide to set up an automatic data migration file. Having this file in hand will allow you to migrate to a number of platforms (Kayako, Zendesk, HelpScout, etc) effortlessly. Think of it as a cross-compatible key that can move all your data in just a few taps without you needing to worry about different formats.

Finally, our wizard is not limited to just one platform. Be Outlook or some other email vendor, with our wizard, you can prepare your file to import it to a new home without issues. There is no point in wasting time on something that can be done in just a few clicks.

Final Notes

We hope you got the answer to the “how to move email from one account to another” question. Having a couple of different backups makes sure that you won’t be frustrated later, as well as it ensures that your work never stops. As for moving, if you are still wondering how to migrate emails, you can do it all by yourself in case you have a few contacts. But if you are dealing with hundreds of different things, we suggest you try our wizard. We have a free trial in case you need to try things on your own, so make sure you sign up for it.

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