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How Small Organizations Can Provide Outstanding Customer Experience

Small companies don’t have the budget of Zappos or the resources of Apple. They can not boast a 40-person department responsible for customer happiness. In fact, the entire company may consist of fifty employees. Does that mean small companies can’t provide excellent customer support? Not at all!

In this article, we will discuss how small companies can provide superior customer experience. Here are the eight tips.

Focus on the quality and usability of your product

Perfect customer experience begins with the product itself. If the product is intuitive and easy to use, support team will receive less customer requests. Quite obvious, isn’t it? Paying attention to the usability of the product, preparing clear setup guides and instructions can help prevent a great lot of questions.

Customer experience must be a goal for every team member

Customer happiness is not a responsibility of the support or success managers only. Every team member adds to the quality of the product and service. So even engineers’ and marketing managers’ contributions have to be measured properly. Use metrics that correspond to the focus – even for the roles that don’t influence customer satisfaction directly.

Let team members know how customers evaluate experience with the company

Setting goals for team members is the first step. The next step is to let people see their impact on the customer experience. That will help you to keep team members engaged.

Customer experience is not easy to measure. The most popular approach is using Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric.

NPS is calculated by asking users a single question: ‘How likely is it that you would recommend a company to a friend or colleague?’ Answers are measured by a 0-10 scale.

Communicate with your support

struggle department is often the only point of contact for your customers. Support managers know customers’ problems, needs and struggles more than others. Use their invaluable knowledge to improve the product and service and help other team members to create a seamless customer experience.

Use agility as your strength

Smaller businesses don’t have scale and budgets of the large businesses. But they have agility instead. Agility allows to step aside from corporate operation procedures and address customers’ issues personally. In practice, it means giving your agents the privilege to make decisions. Allow them to act and solve users’ problems proactively.

Invite to your team emotionally intelligent people

Professional skills, education, and former job experience are usually the major characteristics to look at when we consider a candidate. But adaptability and emotional intelligence value as well when we aim to give the best customer service. Be sure to look at these features when you hire, especially for a sales manager and support engineer positions.

People like to hear sincere empathy instead of cold politeness. Use it as a competitive advantage to gain customer loyalty.

Build loyalty through consistency

Why we love brands? One of the reasons is that they provide expected experience. A burger from McDonald’s tastes the same in New York and Paris. Whenever you communicate with your customers try to be consistent.

Invest in the right people and the right tools

When a budget is limited, there is a risk to focus on the current expenses and avoid investing in the people and technology. But the small budget doesn’t mean a company can’t afford to invest. It means that it should choose investments with the biggest return.

Invest in the candidates with high emotional intelligence (EQ), invest in support training. Find the tools that increase productivity and help to provide faster and more effective support.

The bottom line

Small companies can turn their limitations into opportunities. Using agility, personal approach and empathy you will be able to provide outstanding service and gain competitive advantage. Investing in the right people and tools will make your support team work more effectively.

Boost the experience of your customers!

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