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Company: Indochino
Industry: Clothing
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Type of migration: Salesforce Service Cloud to Zendesk
The challenge: The company needed to migrate its data with additional customization requirements.
The solution: Our team helped Indochino move their data during the custom data migration. We added extra Tagging, Grouping of Agents, and more.
The result: All the necessary entities were correctly moved to Zendesk.

We had a great experience with Help Desk Migration, they were very receptive and quick to respond.

Jesse Marion
Jesse Marion Manager of Customer Experience
at Indochino

Overall, how was your experience migrating data with us?

We had such a great experience migrating with the Help Desk Migration service. The team was very receptive and quick to respond.

What challenge or problem has Help Desk Migration solved for you?

We had difficulties with the migration of data from our old ticketing system to our new system. So we reached out to HDM to help us move everything correctly.

Why did you need historical data on the new platform?

Historical data was important for our future customer relationship management. That’s why we had to move all of our customer records to a new help desk.

Publisher's note: In 2007 by Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani founded Indochino to help men find reasonably priced made-to-measure suits. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, has offices in the USA and China, too. At the moment, they employ over 600 staff globally.


Top Left Picture: Indochino staff on the grand opening of the Indochino showroom in Chicago. Source: Twitter. Top Right Picture: Annual 4-day conference for Indochino staff across North America. Source: Twitter. Bottom Picture: Indochino CEO Drew Green as a speaker at iMedia Summit. Source: Twitter

Why should someone consider using an automatic data migration tool?

I think larger companies looking to move their data to a new system should consider such tools. An automated tool helps to save time and effort.

How did you find out about Help Desk Migration?

We were evaluating options for data migration and referred to Zendesk’s technical team to recommend us a reliable tool.

Share 2-3 tips for those who also want to migrate data

  1. Review your data to ensure you are migrating the records you really need.
  2. Review your field mapping and take screenshots before proceeding with migration to back yourself up.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time and assess your API limits beforehand.

Do you have any additional comments or feedback for us?

We had a great experience with the Help Desk Migration service. However, it would be really nice if there were the possibility to save the mapping before setting up the migration. We made a screenshot of ours before starting the full migration. But we think that such a function would be beneficial for every user of the Help Desk Migration service.

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