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How HESK to Zendesk Data Migration Flows

You can perform records import in a few simple steps, with our automated migration tool. However, if you have specific requirements or a non-standard data structure, feel free to go with a custom route.

Step 1. Get going by linking your HESK and Zendesk solutions

Step 2. Select the records you need to migrate from HESK to Zendesk or vice versa

Step 3. Match your data in HESK and Zendesk and make the required if they don’t

Step 4. Preview the results by launching Free Demo

Step 5. If the data import is fine to you, go with your Full Migration

Voila! Are you considering to migrate your records from HESK to Zendesk? Go with our fully automated tool to gain time and assets without affecting quality.

Step 1. Reach out to us to initiate working on customized migration

Step 2. Let our migration ninjas customize on data import that corresponds your specific data structure

Step 3. Launch Demo Migration to see what your historic records will look like after the migration

Step 4. If everything is fine, launch Full Migration

Enjoy automated, custom-tailored data export from HESK to Zendesk, with expert customer service at every stage. Don’t fret. Our expert customer service is in place to help you in every part of the workflow.

Help Desk Migration Is Business Intact Tool When Exporting from HESK to Zendesk

Don’t let data migration to lead away you from your business

Our automated migration tool provides a productive solution, whether you’re migrating your help desk operations from HESK to Zendesk. With just a few clicks, your support service solution will be ready to work on a future solution — no need to bear any stoppage!

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Data import and export complies with security requirements

The Migration Wizard will handle your data security during all phases of the migration process. To ensure the utmost guard of your support service records whether they are in migration or at rest, we implement valid procedures. Here is included conducting approved security scans, keeping our servers secured, complying with numerous instructions, and more.

Use the migration solution that clients love

With a plenty of goal-achieved data exports performed by us, our migration service has earned a lot of service-associated awards and inspiring mentions. On top of that, we don’t stop there. We go ahead to advance our service and deliver fresh options to ensure we’re meeting nearly all of your migration needs.

Mapping fields window

Benefit from clear mapping to handle all your needs

Help Desk Migration tool will set you free from copypasting data entities or setting missing fields along HESK to Zendesk migration. Now you can map typical and custom-made data fields, or else transform your data migration right in our tool. You get to preserve the structure of your data with small work.

Pick a fitting time for data import

Pick the most fitting time to set up the help desk data import operation. Start by importing historical records and then set up the Delta migration option to migrate your most recently changed data. Then, relax and let our Migration Wizard handle the rest.

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Work with a support pros you can completely be sure of

Don’t worry about having challenges whilst performing your Supported Platform data import. Permit our support agents check your task. With multiple successful data import and export mastery, they can fix any issue related to your customer support migration or even supply guidance along the entire data migration.

What Sorts of Data Can You Import from HESK to Zendesk ?

With Help Desk Migration app, you can without trouble migrate solid amount of various records entities to or from HESK to Zendesk. Examine the list of data entities you can import or export making use of automated service without extra assistance from tech representatives.

Do you need peculiar HESK to Zendesk import or export demands?

Let's discuss your specific needs for a personalized data import.

HESK entitiesZendesk entities
Top level categoriesCategories
Second level categoriesSections
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Find out the way to prepare for Zendesk data migration

Prepare for Zendesk data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Elevate Your HESK to Zendesk Export with These Opportunities

Leave behind attachments

Does your future help desk system enable small data storage? Bypass attachments, especially if your current data drop none of its value without them. The data migration time will trim greatly.

Apply a new tag to the exported tickets

Are you going to run a source help desk system during migration? To get rid of mistakes, add extra tags to the exported tickets to differentiate them from the remaining ones.

Take advantage of the attachment feature to Import inline images

Don’t want to leave behind images embedded into the tickets? You can migrate them to the expected help desk solution as attachments.

What is the cost of your HESK to Zendesk data migration?

And now to the burning question. How much will it cost to switch from HESK to Zendesk? The cost will mostly depend on the records volume you need to migrate, the complexity of your requirements, and the options you’ll select or custom work you’ll ask for. Set a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and find out how much your data transfer will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Your Help Desk Data Migration is Secured at Every Phase

Employing Help Desk Migration tool, you’ll never have to worry about safety of business records. We commit to the recent standards, set regular advancements, and consistently audit all systems.

We employ a firm two-factor access policy

Our Migration Wizard shields your business records from unwanted acquiring access with two-factor authentication. Besides, only users with admin access rights can export your HESK records. United, these safeguards prevent the risk of data leak.

We employ Three-layer

We ensure three layers of records security: physical (we protect our hosting equipment against any attacks), network (we secure our networks against digital attacks), and application (we protect your business records within our importing and exporting solution against unauthorized access).

We meet safety levels

We protect your data based on all crucial security principles. Help Desk Migration carries an comprehensive portfolio of compliance, and we keep expanding it. These days, we meet the demands and requirements of GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data protection fundamentals.

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Export your records from HESK to Zendesk effortlessly without disorganizing from what really matters — putting right your clients’ concerns. Our solution manages all the work behind the scenes while you simply enjoy running customer service your chosen platform.
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