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Here’s What to Do Before Export Your Desk.com Data

When it comes to help desk systems most see them as a viable tool that you can use to boost your company’s production rate. Yet, despite this positivity, there is one thing that many of us simply forget to mention, and that would be data migration. When you look online, you’ll definitely notice that there aren’t that many tutorials and those that are available are most likely outdated. Indeed, no matter what we tried, we could not find a reliable desk to service tutorial.

The reason why it is hard to find a proper solution to data migration is quite simple, the amount of good solutions is slim, and those that are available look primitive at best. Yes, these seemingly small issues can breed a lot of trouble to everyday users. One such example is Desk.com. On the surface, it looks good and has a lot of nice features but if you’ve outlived the system or want to move somewhere before the platform shuts down in 2020, your next logical step would be to migrate. This is where the above-mentioned issues arise. You will notice that it not only takes time to export your data but often the end result is subpar. Although as grim as it all might sound, there are actually a few things you can do to move your precious data to a new home. Keep reading as we discuss the good and the bad of desk.com migration.

The Good News

We will start our guide with good news as this seems to be the most popular order of things. So, when you look at Desk.com user interface at a glance, you will immediately notice that the export option is as if hidden. This is done intentionally but we aren’t going to talk about it now, what we want to say is that it's actually a complex process that cannot be fitted into one menu. To give you a better idea, here is what you need to do to move all your data (and by all data, we mean only the core, more on that later) from Desk.com.

How to move the data from Desk.com?

1. First off, sign up a Salesforce.org.
2. Then you need to log in to the Salesforce.org account and hit Setup.
3. Once you are there, find Permission Sets.
4. Then pick Desk Migration (there could be two of them, use the one with Del and Clone settings).
5. Then in the Apps menu, find App Permissions and hit Edit.
6. Once you’ve done it, its time to go to the Content section.
7. There you need to hit the “Query All Files” option and save.
8. After you’ve done all this, you need to open the App Launcher itself and find Desk Migration Wizard.
9. Launch the Wizard to import all your Desk.com data to the Salesforce.org platform.
10. Once the Wizard has finished, you need to head over to the Setup menu and hit Data Export.
11. Over there you can enable image, document, and attachments transfer.
12. You also can enable Salesforce Files and CRM content transfers.
13. And finally, hit Start Export.

Their official website states that this whole procedure will only take you 30 minutes. But you need to take this with a huge grain of salt as the larger the base, the longer it will take you to export your stuff. Another thing to be aware of is the fact that it can only move core stuff. It includes companies, customers, cases, emails, notes, and attachments up to 8mb. If you want to move something that isn’t on the list, you’ll need to refer to the API documentation. And this isn’t an option if you don’t understand tech and how it works. So, there you have it, the good news is that migrating your data is indeed possible.

How to export data from Desk.com

The Bad News

Alright, the bad news about the process is the fact that it will not always work 100% of the time. Yes, sometimes it can simply refuse to dish out a file and you need to repeat the process multiple times to get your desk data. Granted, the problem is quite rare but once it appears, the results are less than desirable. Another issue surrounding the whole process is the fact that you won’t be getting the whole file list meaning you will be moving from desk for quite some time.

In such cases, as we’ve mentioned, you need to refer to the API tool. And if you are the only one in your company that knows something about web development, then you will need to get some assistance which is frankly, suboptimal. Then there’s the issue of broken files, corrupted data, and you know, everyone's favorite, unreadable files. You have to be super careful with all your transfers and edits. Make sure that you have a ton of backups in different formats as once things go south, you will most likely end up with an unusable file and you won't be able to migrate your data.

The Easy Way

While you can move your data manually but filling each and every cell, making sure that all is according to the format mandated by the target platform perhaps the most ineffective task we’ve ever seen. What we instead suggest is use an automated migration tool to move all your data to whatever platform you like.

Take our own solution for instance. It will not only export your data directly from Desk.com but can move data directly without a file whatsoever. Be it Zendesk or Kayako, it supports every popular option, meaning that you won’t be limited to just one system. The tool can migrate more data than the official desk migration system. From custom fields to retaining the structure of the data itself, using our solution you will able to achieve a far better result. Also, in case you were wondering, yes, through the API, our solution can extract larger files.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, all you have to do is set up a Free Trial over here and see for yourself. But for now, that’s all we have. As you can see, there are a few issues and caveats surrounding the whole process but hopefully, we managed to answer how to export your desk.com data question!

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