Here’s Our Top 10 Helpdesks for E-commerce

More and more business shifting their focus towards e-commerce. It has become a viable source of prospects and has proven to generate more revenue than traditional retail. Your customers are becoming more mobile and it's vital that you keep up with the times. Having a reliable retail customer service software system is not only beneficial but a proven way to reach new audiences.

In this blog post, our goal is to outline the best helpdesks for e-commerce as there are a lot of them and picking one can be a challenge. Keep in mind that helpdesks listed will be quite different from one another as we want to provide you a broader scope of the market. We also want to introduce help desks that are less known but are still very good. Lastly, some systems will work very well in large companies, while others are more tailored for smaller businesses.

Thus, without further ado, here are the top 10 retail customer service software tool that we think is the best in the category. Let’s get started!


While most are familiar with Zendesk, not many realize that they have e-commerce help desk functionality in their core product. Yes, the company provides a number of features that are specifically tailored for e-commerce activities. Zendesk offers its clients an e-commerce customer support system, a modified ticketing system that takes into consideration online sales, and the most important part, Zendesk allows you to track the quality of sales.

Last but not least, the tool offers a wide range of communication options. Be it phone calls or email response, you can automate and personalize everything. Also as a part of communication, with this e-commerce customer service software, you can track multiple metrics, including performance, burnout rate, revenue, and customer retention.


Freshdesk is a well-known service desk that allows your business to be on top of your customer's queries. It has everything a good e-commerce help desk should have and offers a few unique features. Among the most prominent things this e-commerce customer service software provides is the ability to customize your dashboards however you like.

And finally, the tool has a few options to enhance enterprise-level sales. With Freshdesk you can automate a number of processes that will help you push products and services much faster and with higher quality. Also, Freshdesk allows you to employ a third-party e-commerce customer support chatbot. And in case you want to have a unified experience, you can use the company’s AI solution.


HappyFox has been in the service desk industry for quite some time. What started as a simple ticket tracking system has evolved into an amazing tool that lets you manage all kinds of things. The company has its own e-commerce help desk solution and frankly, it's very competent.

First off, this e-commerce customer service tool allows you to identify and resolve your customer's pain points. Yes, thanks to the clever feedback system, you can assess multiple issues at once. And it's not just about issues, with it, you can also gather qualitative data that will help you evolve and improve your product or service. Secondly, the tool has a very useful FAQ system. Basically, it will allow you to pick solutions from a wide range of templates and link them with your website so that your customers don’t have to jump from one source to another.

Lastly, with HappyFox you communicate with your suppliers much faster and more efficiently. Essentially, with this system, you can bridge three pillars of e-commerce, namely your suppliers, your vendors, and your distributors. HappyFox is slowly becoming a leader in the e-commerce customer service sphere and we highly recommend you give this one a try.

Hubspot Service Hub

Hubspot Service Hub is a well-made tool that has a number of industry-standard features. It’s a very refined system that is loved by many e-commerce business owners. It’s reliable, it’s fast, and it's certified by basically every major retail system (e.g Shopify, TypeForm, WooCommerce, etc). Another good thing is that you can start using it right away as the company provides a free trial, as well as a premium package.

This customer service software also includes a few extra goodies such as live chats and instant replies. This makes the process of resolving issues significantly faster, as well as it makes your customers more satisfied.


While not new the market, this helpdesk is a very good tool for providing retail customer service. It has a very nice user interface and a couple of cool features that are exclusive to the platform. Those who opt to use Re:amaze will be greeted to a customizable ticket system, a robust feedback mechanism, and a few tracking options.

Aside from e-commerce stuff, Re:amaze provides personalized omnichannel support that is not only robust in terms of features but can be scaled easily. Another key feature Re:amaze brings to the table is customization. It allows you to adjust the tool your business needs, as well as seamlessly integrate with third-party apps.


This system positions itself as a communication tool first and foremost. Developed by a team in India, this e-commerce help desk was made for agents to effectively communicate with prospects and existing customers. The retail customer service sector is very dynamic and the developers addressed this issue by providing a unification system. This system basically allows you to aggregate chats, email, feedbacks into one live page.

Also as a key feature, UVdesk has a very robust user management system. Having this kind of functionality in a retail customer service sector is very beneficial as it allows you to sort, prioritize, and close issues faster.

Help Scout

Similar to Zendesk and Freshdesk, Helpscout is an industry veteran. It has everything you might expect from an e-commerce help desk. Everything is refined, all features are fast, and the user interface is very intuitive. This tool is also a good fit for beginners as it has a pretty cool tutorial section, as well as a few automation options.

You can also cramp analytics, contacts, agents, tickets, and even customers into a single place. And the best part of it is that it won't slow down the performance of the tool whatsoever. Another key advantage of this customer service software is that you can sort, assign, rename, remove, and prioritize each and every variable in the dashboard.


Although Front might not look like an e-commerce help desk it has a wide range of features that are simply perfect for e-commerce activities. The company clearly understands that when you work as an online store, your doors are never closed. This is why they developed a huge range of automation features that will ease a lot of work for you.

With it, you can integrate emails, SMS features, phone calls into one interface. This will allow your agents to push sales more effectively and much faster. Also, with Front, you can unify your sales team into one inbox. In other words, your agents can use a single space to sell, report, and resolve issues. You don’t have to deal with each agent separately and this is what makes it so good.


Retail customer service is a complex process and developers at Kayako understand this well. Their e-commerce variant is very versatile in terms of customization and adaptability. You can adapt this tool to any kind of business model, as well as you can customize it to how you do work.

Yet, the best part of this tool is that it won't cost you a fortune. Their starter plan has all the bells and whistle of a help desk and a few extra points such as a mobile SDK, collision prevention, and 600+ integrations. This is a perfect bang for your buck and we suggest you give it a try.


And the last contender on our list is Gorgias. While it doesn’t have anything special in terms of features, it does provide a seamless experience. Not even once in our testing it hanged, crashed, or required a re-login. It’s very polished and works like a clock. If you don’t need anything special and was just looking for a nice help desk, this is the tool for you.

By signing up, you get a ticketing system, omnichannel support, some tracking features, and a massive knowledge base. Aside from that, you also get a one of kind Shopify integration system. Gorgias was built with Shopify in mind and there’s no better option than this if you operate in the Shopify market.


The e-commerce industry is a competitive market and operating without a proper help desk system is practically impossible. Hopefully, our top 10 list will help you find a solution for your business. Each of them is good and no matter to which one you decide to migrate to, you can’t go wrong. Also, if you need help migrating to a specific help desk or maybe you experience issues, we have a tool for that. It supports virtually every platform and the best part of it, you can try it for free. Sign up for your free trial today.

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