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Here’s Our Freshdesk vs Help Scout Comparison From Top to Bottom

Both Freshdesk and Help Scout are veterans in the help desk industry. As the world population grows, businesses need to keep up with the ever-growing demands. And a help desk is just one of the many requirements for a successful business. Help desks like Freshdesk and Help Scout are made up of several tools or features that comprise one big support system. You may have heard of the above-mentioned help desks as these two are used by well-known companies.

A lot of customers can’t help but compare Help Scout to Freshdesk and vice versa. After all, these two are in the top list of help desks for a few years now.

It’s tough choosing a help desk especially when it comes to such robust systems. To help you, we’ve pitted both in a side by side comparison. We’ve spent hours poring through every nook and cranny in this Help scout vs Freshdesk comparison test. Each feature was examined with care and then stacked up against a comparable feature of the other.

Finally, it’s a bird’s eye view of the much anticipated Freshdesk vs Help Scout comparison face-off.

Help Scout and Freshdesk Comparison

For people unfamiliar with these help desk systems, they both help businesses with customer relations and technical support. While these teams try to help solve the problem, the tools they provide you with vary greatly. The price tag is also a considerable factor but these two help desks regularly change their price or give out promos, so we’ll just focus on which one is cheaper or gives you more bang for the buck.

Now, let’s overview Help Scout versus Freshdesk software and then look at the different tools each service has.

Help Scout Software Overview

This help desk is great for small to mid-sized businesses that require a help desk to handle customer service and manage technical support. While it’s geared to handle a large company, smaller businesses can use its powerful tools. The software is relatively simple which is why newbies to the help desk industry will find Help Scout easier to use. In fact, it will be suitable even for one-man businesses like freelancers.

Freshdesk Software Overview

While relatively new, Freshdesk still made a bang in the help desk industry as it bagged a few awards. The software is known for its multichannel system, comprehensive knowledge base, and customization tools as well as other tools that will personalize the entire system to your liking.

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Tickets – The Heart of Help Desks

Help desk makes businesses easier with tickets. And for those who are unaware, these are bite-sized information of dealings with customers or fellow employees. Tickets are also used to help you track issues in your business, form analytics and eventually, help you evaluate your business development.

A ticketing system needs to be complete in order to make the management of one’s business to the utmost. In Freshdesk vs Help Scout comparison, we’ll look at how each software handles tickets. Especially when tickets number can vary from hundreds to hundreds of thousands.

Help Scout Ticketing

In the comparison of Help Scout to other help desks, you’ll find that this service has no such thing as a ticketing system. This might surprise you. But wait. They have mailboxes instead.

The system is fairly straightforward. The mailbox and external email are linked, and you get an email that is the equivalent of a ticket. To help classify the tickets further, you’re given folders. You can use these to sort the tickets out, make it visible only to a certain team, arrange by priority, and so on and so forth.

The Ticketing System in Freshdesk

The service has a robust ticket system with a fresh way of managing them. In Freshdesk, you can filter the tickets with the “Views” feature. Views allow you to categorize the tickets by priority, users, type of ticket, etc. The ticket management is also made easier by the ability to assign roles to your agents. This gives them some authority to perform tasks without having to get special permission from admins.


To compare Help Scout with Freshdesk in analytics, we’ll look at the approaches the two has with the feature. Analytics is a valuable tool that gives business owners an idea about the state of the company. You can refine your services by seeing daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual reports. When data is presented in this way, you can make decisions that will help improve your services and please customers.

Help Scout

This service gives you great flexibility in generating reports. You’ll have several features starting from customizing the names and presenting the data visually. The built-in store also gives you the ability to install other features to spice up the generated reports. Help Scout offers other ways to view the analytics section such as the mobile version of the service. In this case, any mobile device can be used which is extremely convenient.

Furthermore, you can sort the reports using different data from tags, agent name, priority, etc. While these may sound great, Help Scout doesn’t have a way to automate the reporting system. Generating analytics is manual and that is an area that needs improvement.


Here you will have access to eight data filters that you can use and can be generated into one report. It’s easy to access these filters via a drop-down menu. Things are also made easier with scheduled analytics. Get a report daily or weekly depending on the needs of your business. This can help catch incidents and have reports to back up the finding. Further customize the scheduled reports by automatically sending them to your own email, to partners and more.

Still, you only have eight filters to choose from. You won’t have a chance to add more report templates. However, if you don’t need dozens of filters then Freshdesk will be fine.

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Most businesses hope to have thousands if not millions of customers. Now just imagine having some 10,000 to 20,000 customers. A fraction of that sends an inquiry to your team about a particular offer. It still means your team will have a thousand or so tickets sent in an hour. It’s not cost-effective to hire a hundred staff members for your team to handle such an amount. The best way to deal with this is to get a helpdesk with well-built automation features. This will sort the tickets into their right tags, arrange them according to priority, or generate automated responses for simple inquiries, and more.

Help Scout

When you compare Help Scout to other help desks, you’ll find their automation system to be a bit different. Instead of several automation services, Help Scout has one unified “workflow” linked to their mailbox.

This might work for some teams as well as turn basic functions to complex ones. Still, this feature has a learning curve. But if one can learn the user interface and the entire process, things become easier.

One problem though is that one workflow is applied to only one inbox. If you have multiple inboxes, you’ll need to copy each automation to another.


Freshdesk offers several customizations with automation. You’ll find four modules that perform different automation functions.

1. Dispatch’r – Assigns tickets their priority status, users/team responsible, and other tags.
2. Observer – Notifies staff of any reviews that require immediate attention.
3. Supervisor – The module that can close/complete the tickets.
4. Scenarios – These are automation rules for specific “scenarios” that require specific actions. For example, tickets concerning refunds require sending the ticket to a refunds group and the application of the tag “processing refund”. Instead of performing those tasks, a user can choose a scenario and apply it to the ticket. This might seem complicated to most users; they can still use the first three modules if they’re not used to scenarios.

Help Scout vs Freshdesk Price Comparison

We mentioned earlier that it’s difficult to compare the prices of the help desks because they can change without any notice. However, there are some packages or subscriptions worth comparing.

Help Scout Free Trial and Demo Inboxes

You can get a 15-day trial to test out all the features of Help Scout. If you’re done with that, there’s still a chance to use demo inboxes. These will function like the real thing except you can’t use it to contact customers. Once you’re satisfied, delete the demo inboxes and start from scratch.

You can start with the basic, standard or plus plan for larger teams.

Freshdesk Free Trial and Free Subscription

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial to use all its services. If you’re still not convinced after that, they have an amazing free subscription package called “Sprout” for an unlimited number of agents. You will only be able to use basic services but still, they’re free.

The tiers increase in costs but with added features. Choose from Blossom, Garden, Estate, or Forest for large teams.

Making the Final Decision

Both services have sets of excellent features. One might have the feature you like over the other. The best way to solve this is to imagine which service has the greatest number of features that your business needs.

One feature not mentioned in this article is the export of certain options if you want to switch from one to the other. Migration is an arduous process and most help desks don’t have a lot of support or documentation. The problem usually comes from compatibility issues, especially with the ticket system.

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