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Where to find API Key, Secret key and Space in Assembla

When migrating from Assembla, you will have to provide your API Key, Secret key and Space name.

Here’s how can you find them:

1. Log in to your Assembla account.
Click on the profile picture and choose Account.

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Find your Assembla keys and space

2. From the list on the left, select API Applications & Sessions section.

Discover how to find credentials for Assembla migration

3. If you don’t have your API Key yet, you’ll have to create it first. To do this, write down Migration API Key in the Description field and tick both API access and Repository access options. Then click on the Create button.

Learn how to create a new API key in Assembla

4. Now that your API Key is created, copy it from the list.

How to find Migration API key for Assembla

5. Click on the (click to show) field in the Secret column.

Where to finf a secret key for Assembla migration

6. Copy the Secret key.

Find your Assembla Secret key

7. To find Space name, click My Home and copy the name of the Space from which you want to migrate the data.

Find your Assembla space name

Enter the credentials in Migration Wizard and continue the migration.

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