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Overview of Your Data Security

The security of our customers’ data is a number-one thing for us, that’s why we do everything possible to provide not only outstanding but also secure data migration services.

When you start using our service, you’ll notice that we ask to specify credentials to the help desk you’re migration from and to.

Help Desk Migration service asks for certain permissions to connect with both current and future help desk systems. After establishing the connection, we can access and transfer the data. Without these permissions the help desk migration is impossible.

You have nothing to worry about as our service does not store or migrate the client’s passwords.

Besides, 10 days after the Demo Migration, and 5 days after the Full Data Migration, we remove all the data related to your migration.

Fore more detailed information, visit our Privacy policy, Security policy, and GDPR sections. If you have any other questions left, please feel free to contact us in order to get all the necessary information.

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