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How to view articles and attachments in Jira Service Management after the data migration

When migrating your Knowledge Base to Jira, you have to remember some differences of the Atlassian products from the ordinary help desk. First of all, it’s not Jira Service Management that stores your knowledge base articles. It’s the separate Atlassian product that you must purchase and connect to your Jira Service Management before you start the migration - Confluence.

So, to check if your knowledge base articles migrated correctly, you have to first switch to your Confluence profile. To do so, click on the button dubbed “Switch to.” This will open a side menu where you will see the list of Atlassian products you have. Here you need to click on Confluence or click the arrow in the right to see the Spaces list available in your account and go to the specific Space you need.

jira service management confluence

Once there, you can start checking your articles for availability and any mistakes.

It’s also beyond important to check if article attachments migrated the way you wanted. To do so simply:

1. Open any article and hit the ‘Three dots’ icon at the upper right corner.

how to find article attachments in jira atlassian

2. In a drop-down list choose ‘Attachments’.

Finding article attachments in Jira Atlassian

3. Take time to properly examine each attachment, paying special attention to Creators, Creation Date, and Comments.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly support team.

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