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How to start a migration with Help Desk Migration service

Help Desk Migration is a unique data migration service which helps to transfer the data from one help desk system to another quickly and accurately.

Using our service does not require programming skills and takes few simple steps to set up:

  • Visit the Supported Platforms page and make sure your systems are on the list.
  • Use our Estimator to calculate the price of your data migration. It depends on the amount of data you have in your current help desk.
  • Create your Help Desk Migration account or use the social login button (Google, Facebook or Linkedin).
  • Make sure both help desk systems (current and new) are available online and not closed by the firewall.
  • Go through the Migration Wizard, read all hints and fill all fields, and within several minutes you will get the result of your Free Demo Migration.
  • Check the result of the Migration Preview and start the Full Data Migration.

That's all! The data is now in your new help desk system.

So, what are you waiting for? Register an account and migrate your data right away!

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