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How to generate and where to find your UseDesk API token

In order to set up a data migration from/to UseDesk, the only thing you should provide is the API token. In this article, we’ll show and explain how you can generate and where to find it.

So, here’s how to generate the API token in your UseDesk account:

1. First of all, login to your admin UseDesk account. Go to Extensions section and enable API integration.

Enabling API integration in UseDesk

2. Then, move on to Channels.

Channels section in UseDesk

3. You’ll see all the channel options that are available to set up in your account. Click on the API to create the API channel.

Available channels

4. Name your Channel and input the Redirect URL (here you will receive all the API requests). Tick the boxes with the requests you need to receive at your Redirect URL. Then, click Save on the bottom of this page.

Creating API channel

5. After you click Save, the page will refresh automatically and you will see your APP id and APP secret key. The second one you need to provide in the Migration Wizard.

Secret key UseDesk

6. Copy the APP secret key (API token) and go on with your data migration.

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