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How to create an API password in Awesome Support

An API password allows authentication via the REST API without having to provide the password to your WordPress account. However, the API password cannot be used to login to your website.

In order to migrate from Awesome Support using the Help Desk Migration service, you will need the API password. Here’s how to find it.

API passwords can be easily revoked. You can safely revoke the password once the migration is complete. However, don't do this if the process is still running.

1. Log into your WordPress account.
2. Go to Users and select Your profile.

Awesome Support

3. Find the API Passwords section. Give your password a name and click Add New.

Awesome Support

4. Copy the password and put it in someplace safe since you won’t be able to access it again.
5. Go to Migration Wizard and begin your data migration.

Before you start the migration, make sure to enable REST API in Awesome Support.

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