Help Desk Tickets You Will Surely Stumble Upon

If you ever worked in support or have a support department of your own, chances are you’ve seen all kinds of help desk tickets. Indeed, the life of a support rep is varied and interesting, especially when you consider that you have to deal with both, tickets that are kinda brief in the description and those that are overly explained. Knowing what kind of tickets you might get will not only solidify you as a professional but will prove to be super helpful. So, let’s dive in and explore the many different requests you’ll most likely encounter in your help desk interface. Let’s get started!

Subject #521 — The Lost One

The Message: Greetings! My name is Subject #521 and I need assistance. So, I woke up in the morning, looked into the window, had my coffee, and decided to log in to my account just to find out that my phone battery is dry. I then said to myself “no big deal”, “I’ll check it on my laptop”. And what are the odds, I totally forgot my password and would love to restore it but I don’t have access to my…

Lost help desk tickets

The Explanation: I think you get the idea. On one side, it is great that the person described the problem in detail but man, we aren’t the CIA, we don’t need the exact date, time, and location to send you a password reset link. Although even this message is not the worst-case scenario, there are those that are like sending a stream-of-consciousness, ala James Joyce style.

The Solution: Yet, even if you got the titular stream-of-consciousness message, there are ways to deal with them very effectively. Now some of you might argue ‘HDM, are you insane? There’s no way you can combat an interrupted stream-of-consciousness” and to that I say, yeah, you can’t. What you can do, though, is to use your soft skills. So, patience my young padawan (support rep) as mysteries don’t uncover themself. Search for the path of light (clues) as it is light (clues) that will guide you to success (closed ticket).

Subject #487 — The Silent One

The Message: I think my device is broken. It felt down to the floor so I picked it up. The screen is working, it has graphics and color but I can’t seem to log in to my account. Wifi is on too. Any help would be appreciated.

Secret help desk tickets

The Explanation: I mean, what you can explain here? You’ve just witnessed a rare creature. The silent customer. This is the kind of customer that you will surely encounter in your life but many don’t really know how to deal with them as they provide absolutely no context and don’t really respond to messages in a meaningful way.

The Solution: The first thing you want to do is to keep it cool. Like really cool as typically, more information follows. Do not prioritize this ticket but keep a close eye on updates and while you are at it, keep the sender in the loop. Remember, he might be a tough nut to crack but you eat coconuts on breakfast.

Subject #897 — The Special Agent One

The Message: Admin, I’ve got some important news. The head of our corporation has given us the green light for the Pragmatic mission. The future of our business depends on it. If we do succeed, we’ll be recognized by our customers as a reliable partner for hundreds of millions of potential customers. What we need is scientific evidence about consumer habits in regards to our products for the past ten years by tomorrow morning. Now we know that there are only 12 hours left and that this is a late evening request, but you must understand our future depends on it. The country needs you, Admin!

Special help desk tickets

The Explanation: This is the kind of ticket that is pretty much impossible to complete due to you needing inhuman skills. Hence the special agent moniker. Typically, such requests come from people that have no idea how things work and expect fast and immediate results.

The Solution: Your best way to solve this issue is to use their specialty against them. Yep, the best way to deal with such customers is to negotiate and juggle your resources to settle on something that is probable and doable. However, the subject might misunderstand the outcome or proposed plan, so be prepared and devise a plan B in case things go south.

Subject #267 — The Most Important One

The Message: I have this one massive issue with my device and I need 100% of your time otherwise I won’t buy anything from you ever again. So, the thing is, my gadget gets super hot after I use the app and in 4 hours my battery life is like 0% and I need to know what is causing the drain. This is super important and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this issue. Can you hold your work for now and take a look at my case, I’ve already sent you an image via email, the app installer over the live chat, and here are a couple of screenshots to make things clear. Please, help now. I don’t have time left.

Most important help desk tickets

The Explanation: This the type of customer that thinks he’s the center of the universe and that you should help them first. This is a good thing, it means you are doing something good in regards to your service but the point is, the customer won’t stop bugging you throughout all of your social media profiles.

The Solution: You need to determine whether the case really is urgent and whether you can solve it in a reasonable time frame. Depending on the situation/request, provide a calming answer, direct them to an FAQ if needed, and consult people that can actually deliver a working plan if you are stuck scratching your head.

Subject #149 — The Mysterious One

The Message: I’ve entered the realm of the unknown and somehow open the pandora box. I’ve encountered a bug that is yet to be discovered. Strong. Ever-expanding. It’s pulling me inside. I’m afraid that I don’t have enough time left. The void is too strong for my senses. I need your help. The toaster doesn’t bake the bread. Send help!

Mysterious help desk tickets

The Explanation: Sometimes you get super strange tickets that don’t make any sense. Like literary. They are so vague or so out of the loop that you don’t even know how to approach them.

The Solution: Mystery tickets require.. no! Mandate individual assessment. Each case is unique and you need to give it your best to provide a solution. Experience extreme caution and wise judgment.

Subject #1 — The Perfect One

There are times when you see a ticket, put on a wide smile, and say “Yeah, I can do this”. This is the kind of ticket that doesn’t require any kind of research. All the details are there, the solution is pretty simple, meaning no extra messages will follow. These help desk tickets are rare though. Like really rare so take good care of them.

Perfect help desk tickets

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. The many subjects, we mean tickets, of modern support business. There are a ton of different help desk tickets we didn’t cover but these are the most common ones you’ll find. So, if by any chance you need a new home for your Subject #1-material, we can help you relocate. Just drop us a message and we’ll get you going in no time.

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