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Help Desk Systems For Any Business

No matter how successful you are in your endeavors, chances are, you still need a help desk system to tackle a few issues. These seemingly small but very effective tools have transformed the way we do business. And for good reasons, they have been made from the ground up to support a wide range of business sizes and markets. But what features should you look for in a help desk if you are a small business, startup, or enterprise?

There was a time when customers had to contact companies via phone or email to submit their complaint, suggestion, or question. Suffice to say, it wasn’t optimal for both sides hence why we have so many different helpdesk software systems today. They are just too good to ignore.

With help desk systems, companies manage a wide range of tasks with high efficiency. An average help desk tool can automate a number of mundane tasks, as well as help your agents provide a more holistic service. But as everything in this world, the more the tool is popular, the harder it gets to pick the right one for you.

Pick a help desk system foe any business

The competition is stiff and many vendors offer their iteration of a help desk tool. Each of them claims that they will solve all your problems and boost your performance. But do they really have the capacity to complete such a feat? Perhaps. After all, it depends on how much money you are willing to spend on a said solution. And even if you do spend a fortune, you don’t get any guarantees that you will improve your situation.

So, what makes a good helpdesk ticketing system good in the first place? Well, first off, we think its a combination of usability and reliability, and secondly, it’s the unique feature set that really makes the difference. Thus, with this in mind, let's see what the market has to offer in terms of help desk software and see who is the clear winner.

Jira Service Desk

Starting our list is Jira Service Desk by Atlassian. The tool is known to deliver functional solutions to common problems such as eliminating mundane work, as well as it is capable of accelerating your workflow through a robust automation system. Generally speaking, Jira Service Desk features are the following:

  • A sleek, modern user interface
  • Tailored for the current business environment
  • Equipped with tools to streamline your operations
  • Fair pricing
  • Tons of integrations

As you can see, the tool is practically made to meet modern demands. It has one of the cleanest help desk interfaces out there. It’s not cluttered with unnecessary menus, nor do you will find unclear descriptions. Everything is straightforward and up to the point, meaning that even those people who aren’t exactly familiar with help desk tools will feel right at home using Jira Service Desk.

Another important element of Jira is the Atlassian Marketplace. This store alone allows you to connect the said tool to a wide range of tools, as well as it will allow you to expand the functionality of the help desk. Essentially, with this store under your belt, you can modify the Jira Service Desk in multiple ways to meet your specific demands.

The pricing of the tool is also somewhat unique as it scales depending on how many agents you are willing to have. So, if you have just 3 agents, Jira will cost you only $10 and if you have 15 agents, the tool will cost you $20. Long story short, the more agents you have, the lower the price per agent will be.

Conclusion: Perfect for both small and medium business sizes.


Zendesk is no stranger to the world of help desk system. They have been in the industry for a while now and they know how to craft a tool that would be not only popular but kind of a necessity. Zendesk has a nice set of tools that will help you set your customers expectations, as well as streamline your workflow. Among the best things about Zendesk features include:

  • Made to support both small and large businesses
  • Unified with other Zen tools
  • Predefined issue/question responses
  • Nice set of automation tools

The tool is nice in terms of usability and requires you to know only the basics to be able to fully use it. But the key novelty this tool offer is the fact that with it, you can aggregate all your customer support interaction into one, easy to digest, place. No need to work with multiple browsers with tons of tabs open. All your consumer requests will arrive in the hub area where you can easily identify where the request came from.

Also as part of the hub system, you get integrated surveys. While simple on paper, this tool allows you to configure when and where your surveys should appear. Another point is that you can easily customize them, and by customization, we mean that you can add your branding, pick from different animations, and more.

Finally, the tool has a justified pricing system as everything you get is not only of high quality but extremely useful. The starter plan will cost you $5 user/month whereas the top-tier one (dubbed Professional) is $49 agent/month. Some say it's expensive but in all honesty, the amount of things you get from the tool easily covers that $49 price tag. Give this one a try if you have time, the company offers a free trial plan.

Conclusion: Will work best in a large organization due to scalability potential.

Zoho Desk

Just like our previous contender, Zoho Desk is no stranger to the help desk industry. As a matter of fact, the parent company has been for so long that they can be classified as one the founder's online office tools but we digress. So, essentially, those who are willing to try Zoho Desk can expect these benefits:

  • Best in class office tools
  • Simple pricing system
  • A free plan
  • Context-awareness system

As you have guessed, the tool is known to have a very nice virtual office system that can help you manage a number of different things. While it's true that the majority of businesses resort to G-Suite or MS Office, it’s better when everything is in one place. Hence why the company made sure that you can synchronize stuff from one place to the other.

Another vital component (it's actually their main feature set) is the context awareness system. What it essentially does is it can read your customers messages and based on the conversation flow, recommend things that can help your agency. While simple on paper, this is a huge feature as it will boost your work, as well as it will eliminate the need to search for information during the call. Aside from that, users also get access to a system that lets you set up a self-service portal and a knowledge base.

Generally speaking, the tool isn’t exactly expensive and will cost you $12 per agent for the Professional Plan (the companies equivalent of mid-tier) and upwards to $25 per agent for the Enterprise plan. As you can see, the prices don’t exactly set the world on fire and for the better. You get all the bells and whistles such as support tickets, management software, and even collision detection system. We suggest you give them at least a try, especially after the fact that they have a free plan.

Conclusion: Great for medium-size businesses as the price isn’t high, and features are crafted for smaller companies.

best help desk for any business


This should come as no surprise. No service software list is complete without Freshdesk and neither is ours. So, to begin with, Freshdesk is a help desk tool that aims to help your agents deliver a personal approach to each and every customer. Among the best things about Freshdesk are these:

  • Omnichannel support
  • Ability to collaborate on complex cases
  • Built with flexibility in mind
  • Lots of personalization options

The tool is centered around tickets and suffice to say, the ticket management system is top tier. You get everything from rerouting options to automatic reassigning. But the meat and bones of the tool is the Team Inbox system were each query is stored. This allows you or your agents, to assign their workload individually. It also eases the process of creating reports composed of different channels.

You see, unlike other systems on the market, the guys over at Freshdesk ensure that your employees will feel right at home with its sleek user interface. So, everything just a press of a button away and it feels great. You don’t need to wrestle the menu to find where agent, customer, admin data lays. As well as don’t have to teach your employees to use the automation tool as it has a tutorial section. Overall, this is a very well rounded system and you will surely like it.

The pricing range of Freshdesk is quite simple and straight to the point (kinda like the whole system). You get the starter package called Blossom for just $15 per agent and up to $109 for the premium tariff called Forest. There’s also a free option called Sprout but it’s quite limited in terms of features. Would be a good start for those of you who are curious about the user interface.

Conclusion: Good for companies that have more than 100 people on board and plan on expanding.


Kayako is a happy medium of help desk systems due to its nice pricing options and a good selection of features. The most prominent thing about the system is its ability to fit practically any type of business without sacrificing functionality. Users that use Kayako can enjoy these features as well:

  • A good live chat system
  • Ability to manage multiple brands
  • SLA capability

As we stated at the beginning, Kayako can fit practically anywhere you like. And you don’t have to believe us, look at their client list. They serve General Electric, Peugeot, FedEx, and even Toshiba. There’s clearly no connection between all of them. Another crucial thing about the tool is its ability to automate just about every process. Yes, as long as you know how, you can automate anything.

The tool also has a slew of small features that will surely come in handy. For instance, you get canned responses, smart business rules, and even scheduled reports right out of the box. Also as an additional bonus, they test each function, so it will never fail to complete its operation (unless the whole system shuts down but that’s impossible).

The pricing options are pretty simple. The lower tier will cost you a mere $15 agent/month, whereas the highest one is $60.

Conclusion: Heaven for small businesses due to a compelling feature set, as well as a nice price range.

Salesforce Service Cloud

And the last one on our list is the Salesforce Service Cloud. This just might be the most unconventional help desk system on the market due to its reliance on other Salesforce products. While it doesn’t mean the tool will be limited in terms of features it does mean that you will get everything in a Salesforce flavor. So, for those curious enough, the tool has these advantages:

  • Case management
  • Service-level automation
  • High-quality analytics
  • Omnichannel routing

So as you can see, the tool is quite robust in its tools but the benefits don’t end there. Aside from the above-mentioned features, you also get access to the Agent Workspace. What this essentially allows you to do is give your agents the freedom to setup stuff such as macros, keyboard shortcuts, templates without affecting the whole system.

Another critical point of Salesforce Service Cloud is the Service Analytics module. What it essentially allows you to do is gather data with the use of an AI-powered tool. This way you can set up parameters and gather qualitative data, which in today's business environment is simply critical.

Last but not least, the tool comes in four distinct tariff plans where the highest one costs $300 agent/month. The middle tier is significantly lower clocking at $150 agent/month. And finally, there are the two starter packs that range from $25 to $75 agent/month.

Conclusion: Will work best in huge companies due to the added AI-system which will come in handy for managing a large influx of customers.

Bottom End

So there you have it, this is what we think is the best help desk software with the best features. If you are planning to migrate from your current platform to one of these systems, we can help you out. Our specialists will provide valuable advice on how to move your information fast and safe without spending all day doing it. Be sure to drop us a message in case you have any questions.

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