Help Desk Platform Vendor

Benefits for your Customers

  • Special Discounts

    Please prospects with discounts and coupon codes

    You can get coupon codes and fixed discounts to motivate prospects to switch to your help desk using our service. Clients can apply these incentives during the migration to your platform. You will be able to track the usage of coupons and discounts from your account.

  • Convenient Data Migration

    The ability to perform the import directly from your website

    We will provide you with a custom version of our service which will perform migrations only TO your help desk. All the functionality will be available from your website without mentioning the name of our service.

Benefits for your Company

  • Co-branding

    Let customers migrate to your help desk with Help Desk Migration as an invisible tool

Our cooperation can flow in the following ways:

  • We will provide you with a custom version of our service which will support migration TO your help desk only. You will be able to transition customers’ data without mentioning our service. We will charge a fixed monthly fee, without limiting the number and size of migrations. Choose this option if you can provide over 100 migrations per month.
  • You create a web page (e.g., Effortlessly Migrate to [Your help desk name]) where you place a form using which prospects can request a data migration. This request then falls into your support team, which specifies all the necessary information and orders our Service Package. Our team, in turn, will perform the migration considering all requested customizations.
  • Discounts for Migrations

    Get a discount or a coupon code when switching help desks using our service

    As our partner, you can get 10% to 30% discount depending on the amount of data migrations you’ve acquired. We can also give you a fixed discount which will be determined considering your needs.

Cross-marketing Opportunities

Cross-marketing involves two or more companies working together in promoting a service or product, in a way that benefits both.

These promo initiatives can help enhance the customer re-engagement and motivate them to migrate to your help desk.

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