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How to Get The Most Benefit from Jira Service Desk to Zendesk Migration

Browsing the Internet on the topic of Jira service desk to Zendesk migration, we’ve figured out four essential steps. Here they are:

  • revising legacy data;
  • choosing migration tool;
  • enduring test migration and making the final tweaking;
  • migrating the data.

Revising the Data

Migration is not just about switching to another helpdesk with more features. It is an opportunity to revise current workflow, get rid of the outdated information and update relevant data. That’s why the preparation stage can’t be underestimated.

Tickets Migration

If you browse forums and experts’ publications you can find two opposite opinions. Some experts recommend to migrate knowledge base only and archive closed tickets. They say that obsolete info would make the new system look messy.

The others say that keeping all data within one system is more convenient when support engineers need to refer to the ticket history and reports.

Every opinion is valid when it’s based on your company specific so to make the final decision you need to revise the workflow of the support department.

Knowledge Base Migration

A well-structured and up-to-date knowledge base is indispensable when you want to provide first-class support. Cleaning up the knowledge base belongs to those “important and not urgent” tasks according to the Eisenhower matrix. Use migration as a chance to revise knowledge articles checking their:

  • contents;
  • attached files;
  • links;
  • screenshots and other info.

Deciding on How and Who Will Migrate the Information

As of now, Jira service desk doesn’t have an export tool so the choice of a migration tool narrows to the following options. The first option is to move the data manually, rekeying open and active tickets. If the volume of the data is not big and you can hire a temporary employee this is an acceptable variant.

If you want to migrate large volumes of data and be sure that all data is moved accurately and quickly using an automated migration service would be a more reliable choice.

Help Desk Migration Service (https://help-desk-migration.com/) provides automated Jira service desk to Zendesk migration. You can migrate the following entities: tickets, requests, contacts, companies and knowledge base. A simple wizard leads you through the process step-by-step and doesn’t require any tech expertise. Nevertheless, don't forget to register in Zendesk before proceeding with the process.

Running Test Migration

Moving data between help desk systems is not a trivial task so having a chance to make a test migration is a great advantage. Help Desk Migration Service provides free test migration before the final switchover.

Jira service desk and Zendesk systems have different fields so you must be very attentive mapping the fields of the old and new software. Use the opportunities of the test migration to the full extent, check fields and links in the knowledge articles.

Migrating the Data and Enjoying New Help Desk

To launch a full migration you have to provide access to your Jira service desk and Zendesk accounts and pay the migration fee. To get the price estimate of the Jira Service Desk to Zendesk migration fill in the form on the website.

So to get the most out of your new help desk take your time and make a thorough revision of the current info. Then move a part of your data and see how it looks in the new software. Enjoy the opportunities of your new software with fresh, well-structured data.

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