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Find a Cost-Effective Intercom Alternative Just for You

What makes an ideal live-messaging platform? Is it the real-time integration, availability of marketing automation tools, or flexibility to track customer data? Well, all of it. While Intercom provides such features, it can, however, get quite expensive for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

As much as the price tag matters, your commitment to a live-messaging platform should be based on added features that you need to run smooth business operational activities. Over the years, the interaction with customers has evolved and ultimately ends up shaping the sales drive.

The need for a customer-oriented live messaging tool is more than just about interacting with customers. It’s about creating a support system to send proposals, turning cold leads into warm leads. And, as a result,  build a satisfying response mechanism for customers.

The right tool at the right time isn’t just going to increase productivity, but streamline the entire communication process for your business. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the most reliable and best Intercom alternatives that may just be the right fit for your business because of how cost-efficient they are:

Best Intercom Alternatives in 2019

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat may not have the same UI/UX visual compatibility as your favorite Intercom, but the tool offers a wide array of features that couldn’t be more perfect for your business. From offline lead generation, pre-chat forms, listing visitors, adding chat service badges to enhancing customer recognition, it does it all.

Similar to Intercom, Zendesk Chat solution also has an automated message system that can get agent reports, monitor real-time activity, and track conversions. Furthermore, you can jump back and forth to link numerous customer profiles. The customer-oriented desk software has a number of pricing plans that provide the same ticketing system. Furthermore, the modernized messaging tool is always up-to-date when it comes to its UI and UX.

As of now, the software is available for a 30-day free trial. However, you can access 14-day chat history with one user at a time. You can get the low-cost $15 monthly plan to add more functionality options. Once the trial period expires, you’ll have to select between the Professional and Enterprise Plan that starts at $109 and $179 respectively. Remember, that a variety of customer support key features is integrated into the Zendesk Suite.


Use Zendesk Chat as Intercom alternative



Apart from non-existence tag and filter chat conversion, the segmented functionality of FreshChat is a suitable Intercom alternative. With 30-day free tier version, you get the freedom to add unlimited contacts with ten selective agents.

The proactive messaging and sales tool distinguishes itself from Intercom by offering a centralized control system that allows you to check conversions on various channels collectively. It is entirely up to you whether you want to collect insightful customer information directly from the tool or third-party apps. Ultimately, the point is to get more engaging experience with current customers and educate potential customers through dedicated campaigns.

Also, don’t get blindsided by the minimalist look, the service platform provides access to agents regarding user information, changing event timeline, and even combines information from other apps. Setting up a new campaign to gather or relay information is also relatively better than Intercom.


Freshdesk Chat as Intercom alternative
Source: support.freshchat.com

Live Chat

Today, a large chunk of businesses tends to lean more towards Intercom solely because of its live-chat functionality. Live chat software, for instance, focuses on the same underlying principle to offer customer-specific support features.

And just like most of the live-chat messaging tools, you can set up a ticketing system and view relevant metrics. However, the most interesting feature of the Live Chat is that it allows users to rate customer support team to get better performance.

Think of the Live Chat as a simplified version of the Intercom. The one that can provide the same customer communication and support solutions without added cost. Live Chat’s Starter plan is valued at $16 per month. And that falls under an affordable range for most of the business’ needs.


Use Live Chat as Intercom alternative
Source: livechatinc.com


Although Kayako does not have dedicated library integration like Intercom, it provides robust and captivating conversation options. This cloud-based customer support platform is known to add a personal touch while managing a multitude of user requests.

Distinctively, you can pick up the conversations with the customers and even customize messages in real-time. You can also choose to use features such as performance metrics, customer insights, answer queries, and check trends on its mobile app.

Moreover, the dashboard of the platform is designed to enhance the visibility of total customer interactions to generate more leads. Kayako also integrates the same automated chatbots as Intercom to streamline leads, schedule responses, and make sales calls.


Kayako as Intercom alternative


Though the targeted messaging system of the Intercom offers more testing opportunities, Drift’s automated bot conversation feature is designed to generate leads and as well as monitor other variants of the marketing and sales team.

The conversational live-messaging tool can handle multiple interactions on a larger scale. That means team members can share entire conversations with each other and ensure the contextual significance at the same time.

You can get the package for $50 with one agent per month, which is still not as pricey as Intercom considering all the perks. You will, however, have to pay an extra $15 to get another agent.


Use Drift as Intercom alternative
Source: drift.com


The affordability factor of the HelpCrunch is great for small businesses that want to cut costs but simultaneously want to avail automation and efficient customer service features. The Basic $15 plan, for instance, can be collectively used by the support team.

That said, the low-cost structure of the tool doesn’t mean laid back options. Instead, you can view reports, create automated or manual in-app messages, and streamline customer feedback data through its centralized dashboard. Similarly, you can separate the personalized and targeted campaigns to track different customer profiles.


Use HelpCrunch as intercom alternative

Source: g2.com


Whether you are running a small business or handling corporate-level CRM, the primal focus of interest should be to align your needs with the availability of features that can create a balance for your business - a balance that doesn’t blow out of the budget but provides invigorating customer support solutions. A live chat integrated platform, after all, has become central to achieve business growth. And with some of these best alternatives to Intercom, you can surely reap the maximum benefits of providing a memorable customer experience.

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