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Code-free Data Migration Tool

Migrate data in a fast and reliable way between help desk systems. Trusted by companies large and small, Help Desk Migration saves the hassle in data migration projects

Features that Make an Outstanding Data Migration Experience

Intuitive Design

What it does: the migration boils down to a few simple steps. The tool provides hints along the way, so you could complete your data migration project with ease.

How you benefit: you don’t need IT skills or specialized knowledge to migrate data. Get started right away and have the basic setup complete with a few clicks.

Easy to use

Ticket Field Value Mapping

What it does: The Migration Wizard pulls up all default and custom fields available in the source help desk and allows matching them to fields on the target help desk.

How you benefit: ticket fields carry a lot of important information. With this feature, you decide how the values should migrate to be accurate and usable.

Out-of-the-box Customization

What it does: you can add tags, skip attachments, and do other kinds of fine-tuning without having to wait for the custom work to be done.

How you benefit: easily and quickly customize your data migration.

Custom field

In-app Custom Field Creation

What it does: the Migration Wizard can create a custom field with values on the target help desk that’s identical to the one on the source instance - all in a click.

How you benefit: there’s no need to create custom fields manually. And because the Migration Wizard pulls up all custom fields, you get a clear view of what fields are missing.

Free Demo Migration

What it does: the Migration Wizard randomly picks 20 Tickets and 20 Knowledge base articles, and migrates them along with related data. It’s free, and you can run the test multiple times.

How you benefit: see how the tool works and migrates your data before deciding anything. You can also spot any issues with your records and see if you need a custom migration.


Custom Demo Migration

What it does: the Wizard will migrate a specific set of data for you to see how it converts into another system.

How you benefit: you can handpick the tickets you’d like to test and send them to our team to run a Custom Demo. This feature is handy for customized data migrations.

Data Migration Scheduling

What it does: allows you to start the migration at a specific time and day. For instance, when the ticket load is the lowest.

How you benefit: no need to stay up late to begin the migration. Simply select the time that works best and go about your day while we migrate your data.


Save time and budget with a flexible, easy-to-use, and scalable data migration solution

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