How to Run Your Faveo Helpdesk Migration?

Want to start your Faveo HelpDesk migration with no hassle? Well, manual data migration isn’t suitable for such a task. That’s why our team has returned with awesome updates. Right now you can start your Faveo HelpDesk import automatedly with our tool.

Read on to learn how to export data on your own.

A Short Review on Faveo HelpDesk

Faveo HelpDesk is a ticketing solution designed to cater the needs of customer support. The platform includes features for customer service management, incident management, and SLA management. Faveo HelpDesk also has a built-in knowledgebase to share information with customers and staff. Still, the platform has its benefits and drawbacks.

Strong Sides

  • Faveo HelpDesk had an easy-to-use UI with flexibility to solve issues more quickly.
  • You can easily customize Faveo HelpDesk to your needs.
  • The platform allows to create monthly reports and record working time at tickets.

Weak Sides

  • Customers can’t use Faveo HelpDeks on mobile devices.
  • It’s difficult to manage multi company service within the platform.
  • Unavailable customization for internal system emails.
  • You can’t store documents within Faveo HelpDesk.
  • The platform lacks such features as a real-time chat and a resolution note field.

Faveo HelpDesk Migration: the List of Supported Records

With Migration Wizard, you can export such help desk objects as:

  • Tickets with private and public notes, attachments, inline images and custom fields
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Agents
  • Created at, Updated at, and Closed at dates of tickets
  • Tags

If you want to migrate peculiar data or customize your Faveo HelpDesk migration, drop a line to our data migration experts.

How to Initiate Faveo HelpDesk Import Automatedly?

Follow the instructions to set up a data migration.

1. Sign in to Migration Wizard or create an account with our service. Then press on Start Migration.

2. Choose Faveo HelpDesk as your source platform and fill in your URL, email, and password.

Faveo HelpDesk Migration Source

3. Select your target platform and provide the necessary information.

Faveo HelpDesk Migration Target

4. Define the help desk objects you want to migrate. Note that your records may have different names on your target platform after the data export.

Faveo HelpDesk Migration Objects

5. Once you’ve selected tickets, match your ticket fields.

Faveo HelpDesk Migration Mapping

6. Press on Continue to launch your Free Demo migration.

Faveo HelpDesk Migration Generating Demo

7. As soon as your Faveo HelpDesk import is complete, download reports. It enables you to check the results of your data migration.

Faveo HelpDesk Migration Demo

8. Proceed with payment to initiate the Full Data Migration.

Note: You can start migrating Faveo data right away or schedule your export on a specific date.

With an automated tool, it’s possible to make your Faveo HelpDesk migration well-established and smooth. This way you save your data with their relations, time, and nerves. Still, if you haven’t decided on your new help desk system, contact our support team.

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