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Microsoft to Drop of Support for Parature: Your Last Chance to Migrate

May 15, 2018, is the end of life date for Microsoft’s Parature. The service will be terminated and no longer available for users.

By this time, Parature users should have moved to Dynamics 365 for Customer Service using the migration tool provided by Microsoft or retrieve and import their data into any other help desk.

If for some reason you’ve been postponing the migration, then you’re running out of time and risking to lose all of you data. However, there’s still a couple of things you could do before Microsoft drops support for Parature.

Some last-minute options

1) Export data into a CSV file

You can export or have one of our technicians export the information from Parature into a CSV or any other file format. Having the file, we can import the data into the help desk of your choice, applying any customization if necessary.

2) Migrate automatically

You can migrate from Parature using our automated data migration tool. In four days, you can migrate up to 30K records. The number may vary depending on the amount and size of attachments, API limits provided by Parature and the help desk you’d like to migrate to.

In case you have more records, we could recommend the following:

Decide what information (for instance, Tickets or Knowledge base) is essential and migrate it using Migration Wizard. Export the rest into a file and either import it manually by yourself or let us do it for you.

How to move from Parature using our Migration Wizard

Sign up for our service and start setting up the migration. First, set the source platform. Find Parature on the list and enter the following credentials:

Drop support for parature: how to migrate

Here you can find out how to obtain them.

Then, set the target platform. Select the help desk you want to migrate to from the list and fill in the required fields. Now that the Migration Wizard can access both platforms, you can move on to deciding which records to migrate

Make your selection and run the Demo Migration. During this process, our service will count the total number of data you want to transition and transfer 20 Tickets to let you see how the migration happens.

Check if the Tickets migrated accordingly and start the Full Data Migration.

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