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Desk.com vs Jira Service Desk: What Kind of Support Software You Need and What’s the Difference?

For virtually any company, whether B2B or B2C, customer support is an integral part of the workflow. Even if you do everything perfectly well, incidents are unavoidable. But a malfunction can become your chance to conquer your customers’ loyalty by showing how quickly and efficiently their request can be dealt with. But… are you sure this is the case?

In customer service, speed and precision are crucial, and if you want to wow your customers, even an army of the best agents won’t be enough without decent customer help desk software. On the contrary, if you choose the support software wisely, you can potentially save considerable financial resources and avoid the need to hire more agents, investing a lot less into your software instead. The only question remains to be answered

Which help desk software to go for?

Among the multitude of tools out there, we are going to highlight two in our today’s post. So, the issue at hand would be Desk.com vs. Jira Service Desk. Read on to learn which of them can be the right choice for your company (or look through our reviews of other viable solutions).

The crucial thing to pay attention to is different nature of the tools in question. Desk.com is the help desk, while Jira is a service desk or IT service management software. The fundamental difference is that help desk is oriented at resolving complaints or requests that come in through various channels, providing information for customers and tracking tickets. Service desk software can do the same plus allows to plan, structure and deliver IT services. Rather than just dealing with end-user incidents, the purpose of service desk software is also managing and refining service processes and reaching business IT goals.

Jira Service Desk

Since Jira Service Desk is a product of Atlassian, known as the developer of Jira - “# 1 tool for software development”, you won’t be wrong to assume that their Service Desk is primarily used by software development companies as an issue tracking tool. Although it does offer customer service capabilities, they might be not enough for companies looking for a full-fledged help desk software.

Jira Service Desk strengths


It is based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which is a standardized framework for ITSM software.

Hosted and on-premise version

Companies have the choice as to where their data will be hosted, which is important for certain businesses and an advantage among numerous similar SaaS solutions.

User-friendly customer portal

Jira allows configuring the portal for customers so that they see a list of request items to choose from and then send a request in a few clicks. Clean and simple.

Powerful SLAs

As soon as a request comes in, SLA rules are automatically applied to it and priorities are visible to everyone working on a request. Calendars are available to determine the details of applying goals (e.g. work hours, bank holidays etc).


For companies already using Jira workflow engine, implementing its Service Desk is the way to unite IT and dev teams to get more visibility into issues root causes and their resolution progress. There are also 350+ add-ons available to expand the default functionality.

Customizable queues

Jira Service Desk admins can customize the live queues based on various fields or SLAs, plus select columns with the important details that will be displayed. This shows agents which requests to deal with in the first place and which can wait.

Automation of repetitive tasks

A few automation rules are available by default. For custom rules creation, triggers, conditions, and actions can be used. Clearly, this reduces time spent for routine operations.

Price starts at $10

For teams of up to 3 agents, it’s a flat monthly fee. Mind that for bigger teams, price starts at $20 per agent/month.

Jira Service Desk Weaknesses

Portal customization capabilities

Even though you can add logo and branding, it still doesn’t change the overall look of the portal. Nevertheless, with add-ons, it is possible to change the situation.

No knowledge base

There’s no built-in knowledge base, but you can add Confluence to the software which will be used to suggest ways of dealing with issues as customers type in their requests or seek for information.

No direct phone integration

You can add this feature using add-ons to allow customers place requests through the phone as well.
Jira Service Desk offers a free 7-day trial, no credit card required, all features included.


Originally Assistly, this SaaS help desk software has been acquired by the CRM giant Salesforce back in 2011, after 2 years after its start off. Now, Desk.com is the single solution geared towards small businesses in Salesforce Service Cloud.

One of the key advantages of Desk.com is its scalability. Well, Salesforce is mostly focused upon providing services for large and enterprise businesses, therefore it is only logical that their software for SMBs should help their customers grow and be able to grow along - towards the enterprise level. Let’s see what are the most peculiar features that make Desk.com stand out of the crowd.

Desk.com strengths

Quick launch

Desk.com can get up and running within a few hours, thanks to the ready-made features.

Multichannel support

All popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, email, live chat, phone are available for customers to submit their support tickets and for agents to respond to them all from within one inbox. Integrating and moderating a discussion board on your website is included as well.

Intuitive design

The software has an uncluttered, tablet-like design and big buttons, it’s quite straightforward and the learning curve is quick, which lets users feel more at ease and find their way through the software quickly.

Moderate costs

Starter plan comes at $3 per agent/month is fixed for up to 3 agents and offers a basic feature set. It is a good option for startups who don’t need bells and whistles yet. The other plans range from $20 per agent/month to $100 per agent/month, billed annually.

Mobile app

Perfect for agents on the go, there are native iOS and Android apps available which enable agents to stay connected at all times and have access to the necessary data from their smartphones.


Apart from numerous Salesforce products that work perfectly with Desk.com, there are numerous third-party apps available at its App Hub.

Desk.com weaknesses

Basic feature-set

Desk.com is a decent piece of customer support software and it’s got a good feature set. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really stand apart from the competitors and doesn’t offer sophisticated functionality that might be required for businesses that approach enterprise level.

Reporting capabilities

Although it provides a range of business insights and reports, Desk.com doesn’t top the list of customer support software that shows a clear picture of virtually any data necessary.

Desk.com offers a 14-day free trial period, with Pro Plan features included, so you can give it a good test drive before making the final decision.


As you’ve already understood, there’s not much to be compared in our today’s Desk.com vs Jira Service Desk dilemma, because they belong to different software types. All in all, Jira Service Desk would be a good choice as an ITSM software for software development companies, especially those already using other Atlassian products.

Desk.com can successfully accommodate smaller businesses looking for customer support software that does its job well without exquisite features that SMBs typically neither use, nor want to pay for. It is a good choice for quickly growing businesses in need of a scalable solution.
Our top tip would be to take advantage of the trial period (which you can do with both Jira and Desk.com without even providing your credit card details) and see the software in action, even if it looks perfect at the first glance.

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