Soon to Close: Why, Alternatives and How to Migrate

If you keep up with the latest news in business, you should know that Salesforce decided to retire Desk. com. Since March 13, 2018, the help desk is not available for new clients; and on March 13, 2020, Salesforce will shut down the platform completely.

Up until that point, you can keep using Desk. com as the company commits to ensure that the platform is available until the retirement date. However, you should give yourself enough time to export the data and make the transition.

In this article, we’re going to explore some alternatives for Desk. com and show how you can transition the records using Help Desk Migration service.

Why is Salesforce closing

We’ve been listening to our Desk. com customers and we heard one thing loud and clear - they want the simplicity of an app like Desk. com AND the full power of the Salesforce platform. - Salesforce.

In other words, instead of re-building Desk. com the company decided to work on a new product which would give the best of the two worlds. Finally, Salesforce released Service Cloud Lightning which they promote as an alternative to Desk.

Alternatives to

Searching an alternative to Desk, always put your company’s priorities and goals first. Remember that your help desk should be a gas pedal that speeds up customer service and problem-solving.

So, here are some recommendations from our team:

Service Cloud Lightning

The Lighting promises multichannel support, asset and order management, ticket routing based on agent’s availability and skill set, and many other interesting features. As a Desk. com customer, you can transition to the Enterprise edition of Service Cloud Lightning at the same cost per user in your current Desk. com plan.


Designed and maintained by people with a very strong understanding of the support process, Zendesk aims to be a tool that builds a way to excellent customer support. There is also an ability to purchase Zendesk products together or apart. Lastly, remember of Zendesk's Freemium plans for small teams and businesses.


Gorgias is a help desk tailored to the needs of e-commerce companies. The platform offers in-depth integration with related services like Shopify, PayPal, Stripe, and others. In Gorgias, you can view info about customers, their orders and perform actions directly from your account. This help desk also pulls up requests and comments from email, chat, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook.

Help Scout

Help Scout has everything you need to make email support fast and efficient. Moreover,  switching to Help Scout you get to keep many features you use and love. For instance, Custom fields, Salesforce integration, integrated knowledge base, workflow automation, and others.

How to migrate from to any platform

Help Desk Migration offers you an easy way to transition the data from to any help desk of your choice.

The migration starts with integration. To begin with, sign in to Migration Wizard, then create a new migration, and connect your Desk with our service: close

Next, choose the platform you want to move to and enter the credentials required by the app.

Once both help desk accounts are connected with our service, you can move on to the next step - data mapping.

You will see a list of all record types our service can migrate, so check the ones you need to transition in the following fields: close

By default, Help Desk Migration maps the Case fields and Article statuses for you. But you can review and change the mapping if necessary. As soon as you’re done with this step, proceed to the Demo Migration.

During the Demo Migration, we’ll import twenty Cases with related Users, Customers, etc., to the new help desk free of charge. Use this opportunity to check the quality of migration.

If everything looks great, start transitioning all of your records.


Hopefully, you found this article helpful. Don’t hesitate, try our service for free right now!

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