Data Migration Customization with HDM

Having tons of transferred records behind our shoulders, we can definitely say that all data migration cases are individual and vary in difficulty. Sometimes a fully automated moving of records would be enough to migrate your data from one platform to another. However, more sophisticated data migration cases would probably require a certain degree of customization.

Thus, our data migration masterminds are happy to present you with a brand new option of the HDM service - a possibility to customize your data migration according to your personal needs. Sounds exciting? Keep reading this article for more details.

What platforms we support for data migration customization

The HDM technical specialists can customize data migrations both to and from a great variety of Supported Platforms for you. Therefore, if you have any special wishes concerning your data migration, you can always contact our support team and discuss the possibility of customized data migration with them.

Moreover, we have excellent news for people who want to migrate either to or from Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Freshservice. From now on, you can order additional customization options for your data transferring process directly in the Migration Wizard tool.

How to order a customized data migration for Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Freshservice

To adjust Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Freshservice data migration according to your personal needs, follow a step-by-step instruction below.

Set up a free demo

1. Log in to the Migration Wizard tool.

Migration Wizard Login

2. Select a source of your data migration.

Connecting Zendesk

3. Also, choose a platform you want to migrate your data to.

Connecting Freshdesk

4. Select the records you’d like to transfer from one platform to another.

Selecting Objects

5. Map the route of your data so that everything migrates the way you want.

Mapping Ticket Fields

6. Run a free demo migration and check its result once it is complete.

Demo Is Complete

Order migration customization

7. Now, click on the button “Choose additional options” right beneath your demo migration report.

Choosing Additional Options

8. In the pop-up window, check how your data migration can be customized and select the needed options. We have sorted them into such categories as paid options for Group, Staff, and Ticket customization for your convenience.

A List of Paid Options

Note: If you haven’t found a desired customization option in the pop-up window, drop a line to our support team, and they’ll do their best to find an appropriate solution for you.

9. After having chosen additional options to customize your data migration, proceed to payment.

Proceeding to Payment

Note: Don't worry if you have already paid for a few additional options and decided to buy some other ones. Simply get back to the list of available options and buy those you need. There will be a green checkmark next to the options you’ve already paid for in such a case.

10. Having paid for your data migration and additional options, wait until our technical specialists prepare your data migration customization. The duration of the customization process depends on the number of your requests and their difficulty. Therefore, feel free to ask a support agent concerning its time frame. After a technical specialist adjusts your data migration according to your needs, a support agent will notify you about it.

11. Now, initiate your customized data migration and migrate all the needed records from your current platform to a new one.

The bottom line

That’s it. Now you know that you can customize your Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Freshservice data migration in the Migration Wizard tool. If you have any questions left, drop us a line, and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

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