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Choosing the Best Method for Help Scout to Zendesk Migration: API vs Automated Service

When it comes to choosing the right help desk software, preferences differ. Some teams would value Help Scout for its simplicity and moderate pricing policy. The others would appreciate Zendesk robust features and integration opportunities.

Actually, there can be different reasons for Help Scout to Zendesk migration. What is more important is that today transferring the data from your legacy system to the new one has become far more comfortable, painless, and fast.

Here in this article, we will cover two methods of migration, the one that requires coding knowledge, and the other one that is fully automated.

Migrate from Help Scout to Zendesk Using the API

The main difficulty in transferring data from Help Scout is that there is no data export tool available. The only way to extract the data is to use their API. Though Help Scout provides a robust API documentation the process of migration still requires strong practical knowledge. So you should either have an experienced specialist in-house or hire an external specialist.

So while the API significantly simplifies the procedure this method still has its drawbacks. Firstly, it takes the time to dig into the documentation and write a custom export. And secondly, hiring an external executor with respectable references and decent experience can turn to be quite pricey.

Use an Automated Migration Service

While data export may seem to be a challenging task for the company, if performed regularly it becomes a routine task. That’s why data migration is often delegated to the third-party services.

Help Desk Migration service is a fully automated tool that helps to switch from one help desk software to another. Let’s look into what does “automated” mean and what advantages does it give.

No coding required

An automated Help Scout to Zendesk migration presumes following the guide with 4 steps at https://help-desk-migration.com, none of them being more complicated than filling out an email registration form. So there is no need to invite an expensive expert, a qualified employee will cope with the task easily.

It takes several hours, not days

Changing the help desk shouldn’t be noticed either by your customers or affect the productivity of your employees. That’s why the speed of the procedure can’t be underestimated. An automated service saves hours of time and moves your info within several hours. This allows you to set it up to run the migration when system utilization is relatively low.

Test it before you pay for it

When you entrust customer data and money to a third party executor you want to be sure about the result. That’s why Help Desk Migration service offers to run a free test migration first. This is a great opportunity to evaluate the results in advance and address any questions to the support team.

The price depends on the amount of the information to be transferred. The team of the service will calculate the price on your request. Still, have any doubts? Find more information here or contact support team for any details.

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