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Choose Wisely: Overview of Desk.com vs Zendesk vs Freshdesk

When different people come together and work towards clear goals, awesome stuff can happen. Still, let’s face it. The customers are running the business world right now. They choose the vendor by its service quality. They browse social media for feedbacks and reviews. All these happen for the sake of their time and nerves. So, help desk software got a vital part of a company ecosystem.

Coming up to the Choice

The question is how to select the right tool to manage customer feedbacks? A couple of solutions have made a choice easy. The minds divide between Desk.com vs Zendesk and Zendesk vs Freshdesk. When your product gets noticed and starts hitting the success ladder, there are much more work to do. Consequently, your team craves for a solution to handle the growing pile of feedback, bug reports, and other requests. Don’t forget about the social presence (on Twitter, Facebook, etc.,) and listening to what stories are told about your brand.

Save your team from overwhelming messages and comply with customer expectations with dedicated help desk solutions. They will route.

The mentioned above help desks provide you with numerous advanced features, toolsets, integrations, etc. Obviously, each of them has similar capabilities and options. But at the same time, there are nuances that separate Desk.com vs Zendesk, Freshdesk vs Desk.com, and Zendesk vs Freshdesk and make special and useful in their own way.

As Reference

Before getting down to the specific features of the help desk app, here a brief general overview of Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Desk.com. Due to various plans and opportunities they offer, these help desk solutions may fulfill the requirements of freelancers, SMBs, and enterprises.


Being founded in 2007, Zendesk may be considered as a help desk that helps to manage customer’s request for a very long time. Due to the durable presence in the market, this solution robust and does a lot of things right - it has already seen what works and what don’t. Thus, Zendesk has either strong and weak points. For instance, the support agent workflow works as a clock, but the social support (via Twitter and Facebook) feels like has a secondary place. Nevertheless, many companies choose Zendesk as a useful solution.

Pricing is subscription based and starts from $5/month. Also, a free trial is available.


Freshdesk started its way in the customer support market in 2011 and kept growing steadily since then. The peculiarity of this solution lies in addressing various concerns that bothered users in the other help desk apps from the get-go. The social support in this solution works naturally as it is backed into the foundation. Besides, your support team will thank you for the playful, yet efficient user interface.

Pricing is subscription based, and you may start with free. Freshdesk offer a freemium account, as well as a free trial,  is available.


Quite often you can find the comparison Desk.com vs Zendesk. This happens due to the accessible and functional UI in both solutions. Desk.com comes as another top help desk than includes effective features. Thus, it was named “Assistly” before being bought by Salesforce. Currently, this help desk integrates well with Salesforce. Plus, social support can be applied from the very beginning, and there is no difficulty in usage. It is worth to mention than monitoring your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is a piece of cake.

Pricing is subscription based and starts from $20/month. Also, there is a free trial available.

CHoose between Desk.com vs Freshdesk vs Zendesk

Common Feature Overview

Either you compare Zendesk vs Freshdesk or Desk.com vs Zendesk, each of these help desk solutions has a vast deal of options; they also share a number of features. So, you will get with all three:

Supported platforms

These options are available in the web version and mobile apps for Android and iOS, neither of them supports Windows phone.

Support channels

Your customers use different ways to get in touch with your team, and these help desks support email, Twitter, Facebook, and forums. The managing of the responses is enhanced due to the combined queue of messages.

Views, queries, and filters

If you keep all the requests in a single queue, it will only bring you a lot of mess.  You can slice and dice the workload into separate lists. It happens due to the help desk functionality called views (or filters), To create such a view is quite simple: select a set of criteria, name the list, and sort out customer requests.

Business rules

The days of manual tickets or creating request categories are far away. With these latest help desk solutions, your team will apply business rules to change incoming messages by setting priority, automated assign to an employee or department, adding tags and the like.

Canned responses

Definitely, you have a set of tips or instructions for the customers that the support team describes regularly. Desk.com vs Zendesk vs Freshdesk enable the option of canned responses (a library with reusable templates) that speeds up answering.

Choose which is better for you: Desk.com vs Zendesk vs Freshdesk

Reports and statistics

The overviewed help desk apps enable customer activity reporting, performance reports, as well as customizable reports and templates.

Third-party integrations

The connection of all business apps is rather an efficiency requirement than a common thing. All three options provide the ability to integrate with other services like e-commerce platforms, bug tracking, CRM, Google analytics, task management solutions, and more. In general, these help desk apps support a large number of integration opportunities. Yet Zendesk prevails over Desk.com and Freshdesk in this case.

How differs Zendesk vs Freshdesk

Without further ado, let’s list the features Zendesk provides its customers.

  • Collaborative workspace helps to boost productivity and quality of problem-solving.
  • Content filtering facilitates the search for specific information.
  • Multi-channel management and filtered views work for faster responding and tickets prioritization.
  • Still, here is a short list of opportunities that Freshdesk offers and Zendesk not.
  • Activity logging, assignment management, and automatic lead distribution what help to monitor and manage in-house performance.

Categorizing, customer complains and customer support tracking - the additional opportunities for delivering outstanding service.

Contrasting Desk.com vs Zendesk

On the whole, both helpdesk solutions share common features. Nevertheless, Zendesk supplies more options to its clients in terms of

  • archiving and retention tickets, emails, etc.
  • custom forms and customizable fields
  • data import and export
  • email notification and tracking
  • event triggered actions
  • multi-channel communication
  • real-time monitoring and updates
  • role management
  • SLA management
  • time tracking by client and by project


Boarding it all up, the selection of the solution should be based on your business needs and goals. Besides, take into account the needs of your support managers team. These people are going to work with the choice you made every day. Desk.com vs Zendesk vs Freshdesk - each has strong and weak sides, yet remember that more functions don’t mean or bring more success.

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